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Along with however this pic makes you feel.
We also note that there are distinct signs of galvanisation to this thing

Anyway, the party broke to get more beer at this point.

It's handy to recap our speculation on what's going on. There's been notably little exposition and we've been slowly puzzling this out for ourselves. In order to insulate against my deficient story-telling here we go

There's Dr Ure on-shore (we think). There's whatever resides in this facility. They don't like each other. We also don't approve at all of the use of Clown-Leeches. On general principles whatever has been nicking villagers needs to die. Dr Ure as a mostly respectable agent of the crown seems to be up to things he shouldn't but he's also been trying to protect the area. Whatever the portal things are about, well fuck that. It seems this facility is French (and entirely covert - meaning there's something on the seabed they wanted and didn't want to tell us about) and something we think, must've come through from the other side.

>Is Dr Ure Evil? Well maybe? What the fuck he's doing galvanising clown-leeches though...

Ok so this all makes sense for anyone following along at home? (I know we're in a slightly weird place with this thread and there's been a lot of callouts to things) I'm rather conscious there's been a lot of combat (it was a combat heavy story) and not so much delicious background, fortunately that changes after this punch up anyway.

I'm going to grab a snack and continue in a minute.

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