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This man came pretty close. Destroying objects is easy, destroying a belief is damn near impossible. As sad as it is, people will always have the strongest belief that their personal imaginary friend is the best and only true god/spirit/cosmic shit stain.

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yup Chaos has no affect on the Primarchs power, not like turning them into daemons helped them get stronger in the slightest

Remember how Fulgrim was about to lose to Ferrus Manus? But because Fulgrim had the Laer Daemon blade it gave him the strength to rise up and kill Ferrus, but yep the powers of chaos don't influence the Primarchs at all

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He sounds like GOD!!!

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You're a fucking idiot hes from prehistoric anatolia where the hitites lived

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I'm telling you!
It's the Emperor awaking!!!

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Don't cry little Macha, soon GW will make me wake up and I shall be with you.
Just wait a little bit more.

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Puny little Xenos thinks the worlds belong too him!
They belong to the Emperor, your residents on them is merely temporary. Soon they shall be reclaimed, your race exterminated and resettled by hard working, pretty, smart and pious Imperial citizens.

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What if the Horus Heresy didn't happen yet and the Emperor personally arrives to Earth?
What if one of the lost Primarchs is on Earth and we become a special world with an Fortress Monastery of the Adeptus Astartes?
I really hope the Horus Heresy didn't take place yet and we get to see the nice Imperium before.

The Maya knew it all along!!
2012 the coming of the Emperor and the return of our planet into the Imperium!!!

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>Most of the Ecclesiarchy would consider him to be a daemon impostor because he's not saying what they'd want to hear. We'd get another Age of Apostasy, only in reverse.

>Implying any Human could look upon him and not immediately know the full weight of their lies.

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Empsy counts.

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Forget pre-set adventures, as those are meant as one-shots most of the time, in my experience.
Set up situations where Imagination and not just dakka will do the trick, along with your players' skills. Example: I once set a devastator on a sub-hive heretic hunt, and sent for him a throng of people so huge even his Chaingun would not have been able to kill them all before they tore him to teeny tiny pieces. Thus, I recommended he used perception and awareness checks, and through those, identify terrain and other doo-hickeys he could use to his advantage.
Third, Bonuses and negatives. Be generous with BOTH. hard situations call for negatives, but don't actively try to frustrate your players. Sometimes a bit of Fiat defuses very tense situations.
Lastly, when it comes to fellowship tests and the like, I have a policy: RP first, test later with bonuses depending on the quality of your RP. this ensures that the BIG SPEECH won't fail just because you rolled badly before (at which point you'd have no reason TO make the speech).
For some adventure examples, I'll give you some pastebin links to the logs of some outstanding missions. Mind, my games run the gamut from 40k's version of Exalted to TACTICAL ESPIONAGE ACTION, to HAMMER OF THE EMPRAH, Gladiator:40k, and at times, some mary-sue ism, aided by the fact that all my players are reasonablemarines.
If you can spot all the references, you'll get a cookie.

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that's brutal

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You guys are going to fucking love the transcripts of my Deathwatch Campaign.

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Looking forward more to the great crusade, maybe the DAOT, and mankind's unquestioned supremacy, right before everything goes to shit

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Well, there's always a place open for Deathwatch every now and then, though right now the group is split. Sig, Thulgar and Yar have gone to Olympia to get Sig (the blackshield) termie armour, and are fighting men of iron, chaos and etc. Jean and Caedmon (Apoc and Writefag/tac-marine/Solid snake with an Exitus Rifle) are in T'au space murderin' ethereals to change the ruling sept. We get together on the suptg IRC every other day. Hell, we're running today, if you wanna watch/join. #Deathwatch and #DeathwachOOC, sometime 5 or 6 PM.

Though I do plead guilty of shameless railroading into awesome.

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I can't really say the Emperor thought his big plan all the way through.

Other than uniting humanity, his schtick was to eliminate religion, right? Because he figured it's the cause to all man's problems, zealous fanaticism only leads to people killing each other for no reasons, and perhaps most importantly, it feeds the forces of Chaos. Fair enough, but the thing is, if one is to eliminate faith, one must produce real scientific answers and universal truths to replace them - lest the masses start to make up their own stuff in order to find some reason in darkness, resulting in the whole thing starting all over again.

And we all know what those answers are like, of course. The Emperor knew as well. Had he gained his way, he would have driven all of mankind insane as they learned the grimdark truth of Chaos and Warp and all that shit.

So that said, when the other options were "Have humanity go mad from revelation" and "Have humanity fight between each other about their imaginary friends and also strengthen Chaos all the more", I think that what really happened, "Let the short-sighted bastard rot on a throne, have humanity unite under his faith instead of fighting against each other, and strengthen him instead of Chaos", sounds like a pretty neat option in the end.

Horus was a douchebag, but putting his dad in permanent coma was the best thing he could ever have done, so I guess it all went as well as it could have in the end.

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Big E would Annihilate. No question.

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First in war, first in peace, first IN THE HEARTS HE RIPPED FROM HIS FOES

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Go pick them up tomorrow, you mean of course.
I sense a sweet romance in the air. I'm a sucker for those.

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GW should not have given Horus Heresy for modern liberals to write. Now the Emperor is a whiny atheist.

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You heretic you.

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No, because there wasn't a Mortal Kombat tournament where the primarchs ball's out fought each other.

All we have are speculations beyond what GW has already stated.

...Drawfag request for Mortal Kombat character selection screen with Primarchs!

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