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Hi /tg/.

I'm running a oneshot tomorrow for a group full of reasonable players, but it's my last game with them (moving country) so I wanted to do something at level 20.

Thing is, I'm not even sure where to start. I can do characters easily, but what kind of miniplot, goals and enemies do you give characters who can bend space and time and chop pretty much everything into pieces?

I have a druid who's playing artillery/fire support from a giant eagle (mainly just casting lightning from a few magic items and has heals to back everyone up), a medieval knight fighter (not a holy type, sword/shield), a shaper psion and a sorceror (not really sure what he's doing).

It's a 10-12 hour game day, and if possible I'd like something more exciting than "it's a dungeon crawl but everything is CR18-20". On that note is there a good place to go for extensions to the monsters at those CRs? the MM only has a limited supply.

Thanks for your help!

Nathan pls go, you'll spoil it for yourself

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You do not run from destiny my friend, you embrace it.

Now you find yourself in a moment of your life that most men can only dream about: the lowest point in your history, the darkest of your days. This is your finest hour.

You are alone, overwhelmed by the enemy and whit no way out, and you dear to ask for help?... no. You don’t get help; you don’t get mercy, pity or absolution. Only glory, my friend, only glory.

And so you will turn your injuries into strength, for that which does not kill you can only make you stronger. Gather your allies, your armies, your friends, even your enemies, and if you can’t find them, then brace yourself, because it will make no difference in the end: we must all face our destiny alone, it’s the only way.

Give them hell, my friend, give them pain. If they don’t fear you yet, show the how mistaken they are. Show them that they do not face a men, but something else; something more.

Make them remember you, even after you are gone. Know that they will sing of your file, build cities in your name, and fill whit pride knowing that for one short moment in time, they had the honor of calling you their enemy.

Go ahead, die a hero, be a legend… but if your life is too high of a price, then run, for death is an honor that you are not worthy of.

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Hey /tg/ i want to start with D&D and I want to know
Which is the better edition to start?

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I'm being serious here /tg/, I could really use your help.

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Uncaring, indifferent, and just plain malignant deities.

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Dwarves still have 17 organs. Their keg, their forest of a beard, their Colossal axe, their accent, and 13 COLOSSAL LIVERS.

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The party necromancer is also the party cook? Tastes bad man.


To be fair, if one is crossing mountains in the dead of winter in a fantasy setting dying of good old hypothermia is a blessing compared to what else is out there.

It is unlikely that my picture is related.

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