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They're not really. Cultists are though.

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You give consideration to your action, its only so much you can do, and frankly your starting to get tired, your eye still locked on the teeming stars above you you begin walking across campus, your feet carrying you over the slightly uneven ground - you can't make out any stars you'd recognize, nor for that matter much you could at all, the central of the sky covered in a massive moon, its two twins lingering nearby partially obscured by the buildings around you, however - like everywhere on campus your eyes are soon drawn to the central statue, the massive fountain of the emperor bringing justice to the land.. your eyes linger on the many faces before stopping at the emperor himself... for a moment you swore you saw him look at you, but - like always the eyes remain motionless, where-ever he is, he's no doubt to busy for your name issue.

Regardless, you turn towards building five - its time to tuck in for the evening. A group of second years cross your path but you slide beside them, as long as you don't run into Nikkobar or something you'll be fine, you entertain the idea of slipping off to Angelina as you accede the stairs to your dorm but let it fade - you need a bed, besides you'll need to clean your uniform from the.. the.. mud, from the practical.. yeah.


In a lovecraft mood, not good for writing.

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Lovecraft is my waifu

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DG = organized crime for the sake of humanity
Laundry = disorganized bureaucracy for the sake of avoiding ISO 9001:2008 policy violations that may result in the thaumic demise of citizens.

Yeah, dude! GREEN BOXES. Like on that mildly funny webpage that has been around forever. It's not like they're referencing the SCP Foundation.

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