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Quick question, let's say I want to completely wreck a campaign, and make the most broken character that's possible.
Campaign will start on lvl1 and will go to lvl 10.
What class and shit should I take to be the most insufferable minmax cunt possible?
Everything in player's handbook and all UA are allowed

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May your games be filled with Dagon Rikis and bootless Snipers, you filthy magicless muggle.

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>someone never ate a hambagu

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Oh, found it. Here you go.

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>big titty OC
>people wanna see the titties
>is surprised

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First for Wizards.

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Tier discussion edition

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ha. But speaking of, here's 1.1 of the Generic Dungeon Crawl.


slight wording tweaks her and there, reworked a mutation, and removed a drawback I wasn't happy with.

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>implying an iconic wizard needs a beard

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Generalist wizard? Some kind of specialized wizard?

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Aw, just checked, it specifies that only wizard spells, so no bonus cha for the damage.

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Earthglide is dangerous. You can't target your explosives fast enough to hit it when it pops up to flip a tank or fuck people up, and you can't track it through the ground.

Your best bet would be to send out a decoy force and then decimate the area with explosives when the thing emerges, which would be very expensive in manpower terms...

Although I have to wonder, what does the DnD group do to deal with earth elementals then? Whimper and hide behind their wizard as he beats it to death with his enchanted cock?

If swords can do enough meaningful damage to kill one in a reasonable amount of time, why can't a Ma Deuce do the same?

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Wizard 4 Life

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It's probably nothing. Have some Dragon's Crown to soothe your tired mind.

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Ahh the classics

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>This probably means a meteor will land on our art director as soon as a solid release date is in sight.

You guys seriously remind me of AC-Guy... He always has horribly hilariously bad luck when running his quests...

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>Player or GM
>System(s) of choice
Currently d&d 4E
>Preferred method of play (Roll20, Maptools, Fantasy Grounds)
Roll20 + skype for -voice chat-
>Timezone and Availability
GMT+1 Saturday afternoons, 12.00-16.00.
>Contact information (Skype, Email, ect)
[email protected]
>Text or Speech
Ideal for new players, we are learning 4E! Brand new campaign!
The game is themed around a bit more relaxed fun fantasy, its open end and will follow a typical "adventure group"
That said, rather then just blind murderhoboing, I will be a bit picky in your character creation - bring a compelling character.
If you are new and need a helping hand in character creation, the rest of the group (and me) are rather experianced and can help.

You'll be expected to carry out a session zero with the rest of us, to get to know what you expect from the game, and if you'll fit in.

>Insert unrelated nonsense or in joke here

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In other words

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Do you think there's an appetite still out there for "traditional" fantasy? Stuff like Record of Lodoss War, AD&D 2e/OD&D, stuff like that.
Where the damsels in distress are just damsels in distress, dragons must be slain, and everything is a stereotype?
Do you think it's overblown nostalgia? Regressive and stunting growth/new experiments?

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