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Summat like this?

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You can get pretty close to the DkoK using the regiment creation system by picking the right results anyways.

Penitent World (3)
Commander: Phlegmatic
Regiment Type: Siege (2)
Training Doctrines: Die Hards (3), Iron Discipline (3)

+6 Tgh, -3 Int, +3 WP

Aptitudes: Toughness, Willpower
Skills: Common Lore (ecclesiarchy), Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Intimidate, Commone Lore (War), Common Lore (Imperial Guard), Tech-Use,
Talents: Nerves of Steel, Orthopoxy OR Unshakeable Faith,


Ok, so you're missing +2 WP and +2 WS there. I guess you also don't get their Faceless, Nameless, Selfless talent, which helps against pinning tests.

Not that big a difference.

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I'm surprised there isn't a Additional Regimental Kit option to upgrade the weaker Flak vests and helmets certain units get to the Full Imperial Guard Flak suit for a small cost, similar to the options to upgrade the standard LasPistol to a Las Carbine or the Las Carbine to a full Lasgun.

Instead you have to pay 10 points for an additional Scarce Availability item and you technically still get the flak vest and flak helmet. I'd probably make the upgrade a 5 point purchase (like the aforementioned weapon upgrades).

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Time for a 40K Modeling/Painting/Conversion thread.

Show us what you got, /tg/.

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and finally here is a good example of some ww1 guardsmen, I particularly like how the guy converted the grenade launcher.

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