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>but it just legitimizes the bullshit.
Well we do have /pol/, so one could say /lgbt/ is redundant, but at least this way i can slightly nuance my nazi gay dosage.

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>Stop with the talk of pissfountains before I am compulsed to start dumping my hentai folder(s)

Join me, together wee will rule this threat like incestous pair of hot twins in latex hotpants!

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I second the motion! Repost on /d/ if needed, but we must have it!

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You hear music as you walk down the corridor.
The music is sweet, it almost feel like the angels them self where playing. As you continue to walk the music grows louder and more pleasant to hear, but there is some odd moans.

The music appear to come from the only room with light... It looks like the light from candles

You sneak to take a peak inside the room... You try to look away but the scene disgust you and attracts you at the same time. The music comes not from a harp as you thought but a harp made out of live woman. The strings attached along her front by needles to the top of the harp. Not sure how the music is produce you notice that each notes the men playing this living harp makes the woman moan in pain, but it does not look she is suffering but in fact enjoying this bizzare act.

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I used this for a campaign.

Players went to find out what happen to one of their companion just to found a cult dedicated to pleasure and excesses.

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My group has a furry in it. It just happened to come up during a somewhat-normal conversation on fetishes. I don't even remember why we started to discuss it. He's a cool bro, I've never seen him bring it up during a game, and thusly, nobody cares.

Everybody has fetishes. A furry is no different from a guy into feet or a girl into whips. If you're bringing up your fetish when it really doesn't need to be mentioned, or letting it disrupt the game, it doesn't matter what that fetish is. Its a problem.

With the above in mind, I would tell the healer to stop being an immature ass over a goddamned sexual fetish, just like I would if he decided to stop healing a guy who liked feet or being pegged.

Pic sorta related, I'm sure its someone's crazy fetish.

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How about some Slaaneshi porn?

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I'm asking for a little help, my players just arrive to a town, they are kind of confuse to see such a lovely town, since the last one was plagued by putrid and deformed parodies of the townsfolk. So they decide to investigate the town during the night to see if there is anything wrong. After a bunch of dead ends they discover a hidden door with stairs leading to a corridor underground. I’ll leave you what I have till now to describe the place:

"As you move down the corridor, you begin to listen what appears to be music. While walking the music seems to come from a harp, the music itself is quite particular it sounds like the work of angels. For every step you take deeper into the corridor the music gets louder and clear, you also seem to hear the weep of a woman along with the music. Finally a few steps from the end of the corridor light from candles grasp gently the corridor’s wall, you also distinguish clearly that the music and weeps came. When you are about to take the very last steps and see with your own eyes who was playing the music and who appear to cry, the weeps turn into moans while the music from the harp remains unchanged."

My problem is I’m not sure how to describe the picture to them, it would be easier just to show them, but making the players own creativity to formal a mental picture of this bizarre scene fits more to what I’ve been doing till now.

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People! Or in some cases them self and others use them as instruments!

Picture very related

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go with wired....but the disk....unless you are good with greenstuff I would recommend biting the bullet and buying a sorc on disk and making it out of that.

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Orks and nids run about the same way except Orks can get there faster (in theory) you can run both as a melee hoard (orks are better at this usually, but nids do have more monstrous creatures) or you could go with a Shooting army which Nid's excel at with the new tervigon (new shooting unit every turn until I roll doubles? yes please!)

I'm not a big tau fan but if you like mobile suits it's and alright army, rail guns and pinging leadership are where they excel, not much else.

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Hey /tg/ I have a quesry.
Is it posssible to do sex in an RPG without either A: being weird and creepy and FATAL, or B: doing this stupid fucking "fade to black" bullshit. Fading to black is fine sometimes, but it seems ridiculously coy other times. There have been a couple of times in my DH game and some CoC one offs I've had some fairly heavy sexual imagery, but thought "nah, fuck it," and wussed out. I think it's my roleplay group:(cont)

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OK, my friends. I need a new game. A new computer game. Here's the challenge. My computer kinda sucks (decent graphics card, 2.1ghz single core AMD processor), and I'm pretty sure I've played through all of the games I've seen you suggest before. Well, not through. I've never won any roguelike but Omega. So, yeah, dig deep, and tell me what I should be playing, please?

Pic sort of related, because it's what I'd *like* to be playing.

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So, I see a lot of hate for CS Goto here on the forums, for his supposedly hideous rape of the fluff. What is so bad about what Goto's writen?
Also, what is it about him and multilasers?
I've never read any of his books, bear that in mind.

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I take it you mean this one....I would suggest saving it now, I may not be so kind in the future.

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is this Slaaneshi? its a combination of sex and beautful music

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Dear drawfags I have a request for you:

Black Templars riding melta-torpedos lunch into the planet and jumping out of them as soon as they see the enemy.

In return a harp.

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>Comes home from D&D
>Sees thread about 40k
>Thread about 40k also has bondage-related hentai in it.

Dear sweet Jaina Proudmoore - Optimus Prime, I've found it...I've found heaven. Have a woman made into a harp, /tg/. You fucking deserve it.

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