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>Roll new characters
No, that's when you stop having adventure beckon them and go straight to bursting through the window.
They're all sitting in an inn doing fuck all when Orcs burst in to kidnap the king who was in disguise, an illithid who was also here to get the king drops his disguise, and then there's a motherfucking red dragon here for the same reason.
Being the only normal people in the inn (the innkeeper was secretly a doppleganger), the king offers the party a healthy sum to get him the hell out of the inn, which is a mimic
or have pic related

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It really seems the Warlock is going to be the new paladin in terms of "lawl you fall" stories going around.
One of my players keeps talking about how he wants to roll up a warlock, if he makes a pact with a fey I'll have the perfect excuse to run the Green Key questline in pic related

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Does anyone remember why we needed it?

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clearing my cell phone. 1/?

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