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my DM tried but failed because he was new and couldnt figure out how to involve the party in such a large scale conflict.
one piece of advice i read about doing this, is having the party function as a kind of specialist unit, tasked with specific goals, not as infantrymen.
or alternatively guerilla warfare behind enemy lines.

never run this kind of game, but if i did i guess some must haves would be:
establishing/protecting supply lines and disrupting the enemies.
information gathering.
give disinformation.
army maneuvering.
cavalry charges.

as i said i have never tried this, but i have a hard time imagining how to keep this exciting for players.

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I refuse to believe you without proof almost-satan

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>It's true name was Ohto.
You just had to say it, didn't you?

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While the VIII had a reputation for being nuts, they also had a reputation of going fucking berserk on sedition. The lore put down that the Loyalists were lary about the VIII legion due to thier murder crazyness, but didn't understand just how far they'd fallen.

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>nothing but calories and carbs

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Also druid uprising.

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took me a second, but you got me.

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>Bright Forest
>Daughter of the Protector
>Rooster Who Digs Ditches
How magical do we want this world to be?

Fifth City

I love that there's this motif of each city having two animal guides

>City One's Horses and Sheep
>City Two's Deer and Swans
>City Three's Cattle and ... Men
>City Four's Roosters and Bears
>City Five's Blackbirds and ???

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>Or when they were so scared of a 13-year-old boy they beat him, shot him, dumped him in a river, refused to punish his murderers, then desecrated his memorial to make sure they were safe from his alleged whistling?
U wot m8?

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The druid being a bear and attacking things with his bear buddy is likely to outshine the fighter without even meaning to do so. And then he summons bears.

It's not even high tier or clever or anything, it's just a typical and easy strategy, on level with a fighters "I hit it with my sword".

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That was badass

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I'm running a dungeon world game tomorrow. Am I doing it right?

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Props to anyone who gets the reference.

I feel like the only person who's played this game.

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>Rise of the Mad King - Part 2 of Neo-Heisei
-Inheritance: Forsaken (+500 RP)
-Throne: CLAIMED

The Treasure Room:
-RP: 500
-Yes, My Lord! (-100)
-The Dragon's Hoard (-100)
-Giru's Punishment (-300)

Court One: The Garden of Stone & Metal - CLEARED
-Tree of Midas
Court Two: The Court of the Magical Lake - CLEARED
-Blue Knight: Spared
-Loyal Lakes
Court Three: The Aerial Fortress - CLEARED
-Green Knight: Nearly killed me, but pulled it off with a Medajalibur strike and activation of the DRAGON Memory. Spared.
-The Floating Stone
Court Four: The Heart of Yokubrunn - CLEARED
-Red Knight: Taking a red-hot pole to the chest kinda hurts. Alas, would not stand down. +Blazing Rods. +50 RP.
-The Ever-Raging Furnace
Court Five: The Vault of the Mad King - CLEARED
-Yellow Knight: Died - he would not abandon his king. +Shining Pentagram. +50 RP.
-Grey Knight: Collapsed early and surrendered. Spared.
-The Golden Safe

The Throne Room:
-Throne: CLAIMED

The plan was: use Yes, My Lord! + Showa Kamen Rider Part 1's Guide to Incan Super Science (which my eight available companions have been trained on) to convert each soldier-spawned from a Cell Medal into a Kamen Rider Amazon. after we convert 9,999 Cell Medals into Amazons, my companions will gear up and transform - and alas, as I only have Medajalibur and a Lost Driver I crafted earlier, and went crafty in the Kamen Riders thus far, I'm actually kinda useless.

But when we reach the King, it's going to be: However many Amazons are left - prolly about 5,000; Plus each spared Knight; Plus 8 Companions; Plus me.

The dice were on my side, barely. One point and all would've been lost.

Gif related.
I won the entire thing through Zerg Rush.

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Savage Worlds is good for this. Combat is simple and fast, and most enemies are "extras" (as opposed to "wild cards" like the PCs and major villains.)

The PC party vs. 30 extras would be a reasonable combat, and would probably be no longer than a regular D&D combat.

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