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Let's have a storytime and art dump, /wodg/!

Tell me about your experiences with the Underworld!

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Any guesses on what GMC changes will be made to Geist?

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Bumping this again, getting a nWoD game together. Going to be vanilla mortals, but that could change in play. Refer to >>24462011 for contact details.

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How do you do a haunted house in tabletop that's creepy and atmospheric without it being 2spooky4u?

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Hey everyone. I'm starting a modern zombie apocalypse campaign soon and I want to make the cause of all the zombies some sort of elder god or cult.

What lovecraftian horror is known for raising the dead? What real life stories can I use to add to the lore?

I'm planning on using the case of Gloria Ramirez as the cult's first try or something.

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Annoying bitch should be gang raped, but we know people don't get what they deserve.....

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I concur.
Now I just need to get a suitable character.

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Then i will continue.

Where was i..Yes we stopped that day and we talked about that session on the games Facebook group, DM said we have to get our shit together or he will cancel the game.

A week has passed, i was to play a fill-in character cause DM said he cannot pop me back with a new, full fledged level 7 character, i had to wait for like 2 weeks. I patiently waited and plotted my vengeance, how could i rain fire and blood on these motherfuckers? At this point, i'm all about vengeance, but i want to do it with style but i don't want to fuck up the game like they did.

I play the stupid ass Halfling for the time being, we leave the camp in ruins and return to the city, on the road, City Watch has taken reports of the bandit camps fire. The Lord wants to see us, he says we did a good thing by killing the bandit forces, we say we only did it for self-defense, they were good people they only wanted to get rid of the werevolves. Lord says Werevolves are the rulers of the forest and their ally (Since we are in Ustalav) and they put us in the jail for treason....

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