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>"the sole survivor of an alien race that crash-landed on Earth, that looks like a bright-colored pony that talks and walks on two legs..."

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>How dumb would a magical girl game be (in the classic, non-dark, cutesy, monster-of-the-week format).
Very Dumb. Right there. The only reason to play Magical Girl games is to make them dark, to play a game with kids while you're babysitting, or to play when you're drunk and don't care that it's dumb.

Beyond that, everything else sounds like a shitty crossover fanfiction.

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>Believeability of a setting.

So much this. I always find it ridiculous when have characters that can punch holes in walls or summon hellfire or whatever. The characters stop being relateable human beings with fears and insecurities and weaknesses that we can identify with. It all becomes some retarded power-fantasy with no real depth or meaning.

I mean, I know there ARE ways to pull it off, but let's face it, for every Madoka Magica out there, there's 20+ shitty knock-offs that came nowhere close.

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Magical Burst

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I was that player not too long ago.

I had started in a group campaign with a character, that for some reason or another I just couldn't get into at the start of the game. As the game went on, I found myself disliking the character more and more and almost wishing something would happen to kill him off, as it would have been bad form for to just do something dumb or suicidal and ruin everyone else's experience.

I think I ended up hurting the game for everyone else as my participation level and enthusiasm just wasn't there that game. No matter what I did, I just could not for the life of me get in the mental space of the character I had created. Luckily the GM ended up saying something after a few games and let me retire him and come in with someone new... still kind of a shitty experience though.

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1. People are usually doing it for sexual reasons. It's usually obvious to see despite their claims to the contrary.

2. Child characters usually have no business doing extremely dangerous things like dungeon delving or fighting demons. Unless you're exploring themes of child soldiers or playing some noblebright anime-game, leave this shit to the professionals.

3. Child characters are annoying as fuck (this is partially due to many people's inability to play them as real characters) and everyone in the party will hate you.

4. Alot of people (at in the US) seem to have this idea that nothing bad can ever happen to kids. If you look at videogames, it's pretty evident (notice how there are no schools in GTA and no kids outside of the character's immediate family?). I personally have no problem with killing kids in a game I'm running, but it also makes some people uncomfortable, so for the sake of my players I'd rather not have to do something like that to their personal fantasy avatars if they do something dumb or just get unlucky.

5. It's creepy. (See #1)

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Quest Threads

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Is it too late for me to commit suicide?

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I don't script exactly what the players are doing every moment. The player's unpredictability is part of what makes things interesting.

That being said, if they want me to tell them a story, and I drop all kinds of plothooks about A, B, and C in my story and they go off and wana go off and do X, Y, and Z, then what am I even GMing for? You don't go off and kill dragons when the premise of the game is the life of a group of thieves. You don't go sneaking around military bases when it's a magical girl game, and you don't go using magic in a post apocalyptic realistic world.

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In the future there will be no arguing

Only quest threads

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>>39603185 again
Gotta agree with >>39603682 here.
If you're playing Magical Burst and can't traumatize your players, you're either doing a crappy job GMing, or your players are munchkins who aren't really interested in an psychological thrill at all. It's kinda like a horror game, if your players just laugh at everything and don't wana get immersed and scared, no number is going to make the game fun for them.

Start your players off dead from start and unaware they're souless husks who have been wished back so someone else doesn't have to fight the baddies. Make it so that the wish they get at the end of the game requires a magical girl as a sacrifice (and don't tell them until the final moment). Make it so that your players are in a religious community and their use of magic could potentially be seen as a sign of demons (and have the big bads manipulate the community's priests into reinforcing that and starting cultish witch-hunts to flush your players out).

I've had games of Magical Burst where I've had players have their characters flatout commit suicide before the end of the game, all without a sanity meter.

Pic is from Madoka Magica Rebellion Story Movie. Don't watch it, it's shameless god-awful franchise milking that shits all over the series's original ending with something far worse and blatantly retarded (as in everyone acts more like plot devices than their established characters... also comes back from being dead, being a witch, and all manner of other retarded stuff.

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I almost never play evil characters, but nothing beats GM'ing a game of Magical Burst and making naive would-be magical girl heroines tear eachother apart by the end of the game.

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And this is why you never play a game with the GM's girlfriend. Ever.

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Magical Burst.

Unfortunately playing a game where all the characters are middle school girls with magic powers is just asking for all sorts of weirdos and players who aren't going to take the game seriously no matter what the plot is.

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"Regular" "old and shitty" guns are probably still light-years more reliable than something you could throw together in your garage. Have fun when your crazy contraptions blow up in your hands and fill your face full of rusty shrapnel.

Also it's not as if regular guns are all that rare, at least if the game is set in the remnants of America.

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Because Magical Burst is a fun game. You know, when you;re not secretly dead or the price of a wish doesn't involve a human sacrifice.

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Glad to have helped, lol.

Anyway, they're called OBLIVION Seeds for a reason. How foolish we were to think using something named after an inescapable void would be safe... OF COURSE you need to give it something in return TT__TT

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It's >>38739639 here again.

Mostly I think it's cos Madoka is the only Magical Girl series to actually have a plot beyond "monster of the week" and 'friendship and believing in ourselves conquers everything!". It's just a shame that a majority of the fans only like it because it's ZOMG DARK AND EDGY or because they want to fuck the characters.

Magical Burst is still a good game though if you're willing to throw in some plot elements beyond your typical "GIRL POWER AND FRIENDSHIP RULES" formula. I ran a game once where I had the players start off dead, wished back by another group of Magical Girls to be used as substitutes so their own group could get out of their obligation to fight the big bads. The psychological elements as I tweaked details of their back-stories to be wrong or out of date, left them unable to find their families or anyone they previously knew, and eventually lead them to finding their own obituaries was AMAZING.

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Posting this story for the hundreth time, I had a player commit in-character suicide in a game of Magical Burst once.

The short version is, the players were all dead from the start. They didn't know this from the get-go though, I threw them into the action early before they had a chance to question it, then had them slowly find evidence of it like their memories being wrong or outdated, nobody they used to know being around anymore, the city looking different than they thought they remembered it, ect. Eventually they even found their own obituaries.

Anyway, it turns out they had been wished back to "life" by another group of magical girls to serve as "substitutes", so that group could get out of their obligation to fight the big bads. Now I put "life" in quotes because wishing back the dead, even in a game with wishes, is something that's impossible. Once a soul has passed on, it's gone, it's beyond the reach of EVERYTHING.

As you can imagine, making the players confront the idea of what was actually animating their bodies turned out to be pretty horrifying. By this point in the RP there were only 2 characters left surviving anyway, and the idea that they might be souless husks with "fake" personalities was too much for one of them... so she had a breakdown and asked the remaining PC to put her out of her misery... when she refused, she did it herself.

Magical Burst is so good for horror if you play it right.

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