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I just got a paycheck, and I am feeling zesty so I hereby volunteer be a guinea pig (poor me, having to spend a whole $20 on a Warhammer model). Hopefully there's nothing on it that I can't greenstuff and sand away, butr the Avenger kit is only $25 so it's a pretty low-risk investment for me. I will not feel bad if it turns out to be shit, and if it is of acceptable quality I may take a risk on one of the more expensive kits like the Thunderbolt. I will make sure to take good pics and post them here once I have the kit, although even with expedited shipping (which I will use), it will take a while to get here from China.

I would advise to buy recasts from Chinaguy whenever possible since he is well trusted here, and he is all around pretty awesome. Some forum users apparently have had good luck with TaoBao though, so I guess it all comes down to the model and the manufacturer.

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Money, mainly. That and apparently stocks are low. Some BS reasoning at the local store.

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HEY! Warhammer 40K thread. yes, i know, another one.

Only a simple question, what is the best unit to take down tau as Imperial guard? Someone says their assault suits or some BS can murder my entire armored div...

Otherwise, IG general thread.

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So, camo is acceptable in IG? I thought they were a bit... two color scheme kinda thing, like a Olive drab, or a normal tan. With that infromation, that opens up a wide variety... Damn though, I waned some urbain camo then, like the black, grey, white that I saw somewhere...

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OP here, time for bed! But I need to hope and pray this will be alive when I get up and back from work.

So this was a productive night in my eyes. Thank you! I will forever say that /tg/ has helped me get started on my path in this game.... God save my soul... and wallet...

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As the liquid was expelled into me I felt numb. Then, I felt wired. My eyes popped out, all the hair on my body stood up. I was ready. It wasn't long before the Sarge's hand rose and fell, telling all of us to charge. I raced forward, my mind running on maximum overdrive at this point. On mere reaction I threw my smoke forward as the others around me did as well. Gripped my shotgun tightly as I ran through the smoke.

I loved this, the exhilaration of running into combat high on stimm. That crisp sensation of air passing over your body, parting strands of hair. When I came out of the smoke I came across a very terrified and startled mutant. It didn't take long for me to place on slung right into his skull. The ugly visage of his was destroyed in a single moment when the slug impacted into his face. That was another thing I loved about my profession.

I jumped, using all the power in my legs to fly high into the air. I had jumped right onto a mutant without knowing it. My foot was right on his neck, so I did what anyone else was do and I put all my weight down on his neck. The satisfying snapping noise was music to my ears. I slowly moved away from his body and I took in the scene of mayhem before me.

Two of our squad were down, one taking a bolt round to the torso. It wasn't pretty, most of her chest cavity was blown out with the shot. I ejected the shell casing in my shotgun and aimed for the one with the boltpistol. He went down when I blew out his legs from under him. He was too busy focusing on stopping to the bleeding to shoot any of us, so I left him to bleed out while I picked another target.

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I shuddered and my breath stilled, I knew this was it. A fate worse than death was nearing and I clutched by handcrafted replica lasgun in my hands, the battery having run dry. It had happened so quickly that most of the squad had been overwhelmed. It wasn't supposed to go like this. It should not have gone like this! Our squad was on just another reckon mission skirting the Furry territory watching for any sign of encroachment. The eastern edge is where all the fighting was going on, not here on the western border!

We were in the middle of our sweep when Johnson stopped, pale as a ghost. Then I heard it, his motion sensor was going off in a rhythmic beep.

"Contact!" He yelled.

"From where!?" I spat, running over to him to check the motion sensor. The beeping increased.


The scanner was screaming, showing dots rushing from all directions. The CO yelled for everyone to circle up and get ready.

The lights flickered still, ill repaired for no sane janitor would travel to the bowels of the city. Wish we could say the same for us.

The motion sensor was having a seizure. Then we heard it, a long spine tingling howl. The alpha male of the hunting pack signaled and an uproaring chant of "Yiff! Yiff!" echoed in the halls as a wave of hormonal fur and plastic claws fell upon us.

"Light them up in the Emperors name!"

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