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> Character name

> Brief character description, personality
Elf mage girl who wears baggy clothes. She's shy and bookish, but well meaning. Often ends up traveling to other worlds.

See attached MS Paint Scribble

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Allright GM

A female elf of athletic build with pale skin and red (orange) hair in a pageboy haircut. She has green eyes, and doesn't tend to believe in makeup, she always wears a gray choker with a teal oval gem in the middle. She usually dresses with sensible boots, long cuffed brown pants, a green shirt, and a blue tabard with gold edges. She also wears a small shawl of the same gold over her shoulders that tends to bunch up on one side and only fall on the other, That said, she is a planar traveler, and can dress any way, or naked (has to have the choker though) if it strikes your fancy. Here's my crappy mouse drawing because my scanner isn't working to show you a past comission I took.

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