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I personally think our good tripfriend is over exaggerating /tg/'s extremities.

Old /tg/ rarely produced any content at all, and the content it did produce on a daily basis, was often then not silly freeform thread posts, songs, stories and play on puns.

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In modern media good sir, elves are depicted as jolly little midgets who toil all day and all year in Santa's toy workshop.

So more or less the same interpretation of the oppressed and mistreated gypsy portrayal.

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Do not mistaken apathy for cowardice good sir.

Lord knows, there are far more dangerous things need not to be stirred from their little crevices across the far flung corners of the internet, with your spiteful provocations.

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It can be said that, 95% of the posts who are made on this board aren't required at all. Almost all arguments on any of the topics and subjects we had in this board, have already been made, and discussed in triplicate. And yet they continue to be discussed ad infinitum. And when wiser anons try to conclude those silly arguments, they're met with scorn and ignorance.

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Because of hardwired natural instincts good sir.

Women, through evolutionary changes, adapted to the role of giving birth and taking care of children. It is only natural to assume that a woman's place in society is at the home.

Although our contemporary society has in many ways moved passed these sexist line of thinking.

Empirically, Women have shown to excel in some areas of expertise better then males, however in terms of physical prowess, males still dominate. Sports is still seen as a very masculine recreational activity. Women can participate, however the mindset required to be good in sports undermines their femininity.

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Truth be told, furry porn is prohibited on every board except /b/.

However, because traditional games cover such a rich variety of subject matter, such materials can occasionally be discussed.

However the mods have made it quite clear that My little pony should strictly stay on /co/, for the past few months since the beginning of the year, they manage to infest multiple boards with their own brand of debauchery.

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If you are gentlemen are dumbfounded by the artistic nature of this story.

I would advise you to watch this little video:


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And your the one to talk about kinky fetishes Fangirl.

From what I learned about you on the archives, I cannot help but imagine you to be some sort of machine that monitors /tg/ all day, every day in a never ending pursuit to understand humanity.

Because quite frankly, for your roughly 2 year presence on this board, you have posted more then other any namefag, tripfag, or avatarfag combined.

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I highly doubt, anyone on /tg/ is truly such an malicious individual to be called a jerk.

Pray tell good sir, why are you bashing this board?

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It would miss the timing. Both Terrorking and Darkbishop's card effects explicitly states that the rolling negation effect occurs when resolving the effect of the opponent's card.

So no, but you can choose which effect activates.

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Yes I have too seen the rise good sir, but the quality of those draw threads on average are below the quality delivered before the moderation.

Apparently sexual appeal has its merits.

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The exact name of the book you are referring to, is called the Imperial guard uplifting primer.

I believe there are multiple copies available for download on /rs/.

Additional note, the Damocles Gulf edition download links only contain a few pages on the Tau.

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Because good sir, the oil tycoons would prefer not resorting to work in heavily radiated countries, to extract there oil wells.

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The good Scriptarious must take his leave, because of conscription good sir. But do not fret, he will come back to us during the holidays.

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Truth be told good sir, in my opinion the roleplayers are simply using the spambots as an excuse to make legitimate roleplaying threads.

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In theory, Konami's business strategy revolves around releasing relatively untested cards, relying on the results of tournament to determine the newest cards' impact. Once done, they then analyze the results and update the Banlist accordingly.

In my opinion it is rather extremely flawed.

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For those of you gentlemen who are probably dumbfounded by my little story.

Please refer to this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ms2klX-puUU

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Of course not, but the very concept of book burning has very negative cultural implications, although the practice took place in a different time and era where social norms were less tolerant. Just like anything in our culture, the act can be scrutinized and fundamentally broken down and reconstructed to be used in different situations that will create the desired context and meaning a artist or propagandist was aiming for.

If an ritualized practice can achieve this level of wide spread appeal and symbolism, then it is part of our culture.

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Victory Day

Naval Hymn

Song Of The Plains

Partisan's Song

Moscow Nights

My Country

Slavery and Suffering

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Good sir, I have no clue.

However I will say this, for whatever misfortunes we misbegotten trolls have befallen upon you gentlemen, know that you, those who respond to the trolls, are also held partially responsible for contributing to the awful mess. A troll is not only measured by his success at generating hatred, but also by the audience he entertains, who are more then willingly plays along to the trolls' fancy.

And time and time again good advise have been ignored. Anonymous continues to respond to the most deliberate trolling attempts, and trolls thrive, on the energy and personality you the audience have imprinted on them.

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