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It was at the climax of the battle on Isstvan III between the loyalist and traitor elements of the Sons of Horus, Emperor's Children, Death Guard and World Eaters (which started only because Angron saw there were still loyalists alive after Horus virus bombed the planet and raged his way down to slaughter them up close, forcing Horus to follow in order to save face). Ezekyle Abaddon and 'Little' Horus Aximand were dispatched to challenge their Mournival brothers, Garviel Loken and Tarik Torgaddon. Little Horus killed Torgaddon, and Abaddon was about to kill Loken, but then the Imperator Titan Dies Irae smashed into the building they were fighting in and forced them apart. Abaddon and Aximand left afterwards, assuming Loken was dead, when actually he still lived... long enough to see the incoming orbital bombardment that would kill all the loyalists left.


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>‘Six months! Six months warring on Murder! How many great deeds, how many brothers lost? And now he apologises? As if it was an error? A mistake? These xenos-loving bastards even admit themselves the spiders were so dangerous they had to lock them away!’

>‘It’s a difficult situation,’ Loken said.

>‘It’s an insult to the honour of our Legion! And to the Angels too!’

>‘It takes a wise and strong man to know when to apologise,’ remarked Aximand.

>‘And only a fool appeases aliens!’ Abaddon snarled. ‘What has this crusade taught us?’

>‘That we’re very good at killing things that disagree with us?’ suggested Torgaddon.

>Abaddon glared at him. ‘We know how brutal this cosmos is. How cruel. We must fight for our place in it. Name one species we have met that would not rejoice to see mankind vanished in a blink.’

>None of them could answer that.

>‘Only a fool appeases aliens,’ Abaddon repeated, ‘or appeases those who seek such appeasement.’

>‘Are you calling the Warmaster a fool?’ Loken asked.

>Abaddon hesitated. ‘No. No, I’m not. Of course. I serve at his will.’

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Thousand Sons traits?

I don't see them suffering the Flesh Change. Their Geneseed is among the purist in their Adeptus.

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Sons of horus era Abaddon

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Sort of related, a fun little excerpt from after the Interex made contact with the Imperium:

>For the while, Horus tolerated them well enough. Loken could understand why. The warriors of the interex were easy to admire, easy to like. They were gracious and noble, and once the misunderstanding had been explained, utterly without hostility.

>It took a strange incident for Loken to learn the truth behind the Warmaster’s thinking. It took place during the voyage, the nine-week voyage from Murder to the nearest outpost world of the interex, the mingled ships of the expedition and its hangers-on trailing the sleek vessels of the interex flotilla.

>The Mournival had come to Horus’s private staterooms, and a bitter row had erupted. Abaddon had been swayed by the arguments for war. Both Maloghurst and Sedirae had been whispering in his ear. He was convinced enough to face the Warmaster and not back down. Voices had been raised. Loken had watched in growing amazement as Abaddon and the Warmaster bellowed at each other. Loken had seen Abaddon wrathful before, in the heat of combat, but he had never seen the commander so ill-tempered. Horus’s fury startled him a little, almost scared him.

>As ever, Torgaddon was trying to diffuse the confrontation with levity. Loken could see that even Tarik was dismayed by the anger on show.

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Abaddon thread?

Abaddon thread

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Sup /tg/.

Chaos Marines don't have apothecaries, so how do they retrieve their Geneseed

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“In an Age of Apostasy
The Wolf Warriors bay and howl.”

Tallomin, Prince among Daemon Princes, will lead an attack, but the outcome is hazy and the events indistinct to me. The only thing I know with certainty is that the Wolf Warriors will play a large part in Tallomin’s destruction. Whether he will be eternally banished or will yet rise again, I cannot see.


“In the Fourth insurgence,
The horror will be spliced with fire.”

And again his legions will sweep forth, possessed of a renewed fervour. Cadium’s walls will be besieged and the Blood King is to personally lead the fleet towards the Segmentum emptiness. But at El’Phanor, the Citadel of Kromarch, the drive will halt. But the Abandoned One, terrible amidst his wrathful hordes, will lead the charge against the stolid walls. His warriors will fall like leaves, but the fortress will crumble, and the defenders be consumed by his boundless appetite.

The life and sanity of that beleaguered place is to be washed away in an orgy of annihilation. But these sinful excesses will prove his undoing, giving as they will men time to regroup, and exact a well-planned revenge on the disarrayed forces of evil that infest the ruins of the once proud castle of Kromarch; the dark ones will be shredded to rags by their own violent indulgence.

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Fulgrim and his retinue cried like little girls upon arriving on an Eldar maiden world. Why? Because it was so pretty.


>‘What have we done, Ezekyle?’ whispered Aximand.

>‘What needed to be done,’ said Abaddon. ‘The Warmaster ordered it and we obeyed.’

>‘They were our brothers,’ said Aximand and Abaddon was astonished to find tears spilling down his brother’s cheeks.

>‘They were traitors to the Warmaster, let that be an end to it.’

>Aximand nodded, but Abaddon could see the seed of doubt take root in his expression.

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No one knows what it's like to feel these feelings like I do, and I blame you!

No one bites back as hard on their anger. None of my pain woe can show through.

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>the night lords just want to float around and do whatevs
> They'd rather just do whatever and have the Imperium fall apart bit by bit instead of just shoving themselves down the Imprium's throat.

Lazy bums the whole lot of them. The Black Legion and the Iron Warriors do all the work while this pathetic excuse of a warband waste time and weep about the past.


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The Gods of Chaos are pleased with his performance and has offered him ascension almost 12 times.

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in all seriousness, that was one of my ideas I considered.

pic unrelated: Big Suit, Tiny Abbadon

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To be honest there are never enough Abaddon pictures. The Warmaster deserves more respect!

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