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To be fair, I'm mostly poking fun at the "THE RULES ARE TO BE FOLLOWED THEY ARE HERE FOR YOUR PROTECTION" tone he had.

Decu can do what he wants. It's his thread, and I trust him to do it well too.

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Man, for someone called Comedy she sure is uptight.

At some point we need to ask her "Why so serious?"

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>Ward uses old-school expressions with no evident knowledge of their original meanings.

Ward works for GW, your argument is stupid.

>The silly fun of RT was an OPTION because GW used to encourage us to houserule, write our own fluff and convert models any way we wanted in the name of FUN.

GW still encourages this. Nobody seems to notice for some reason.

>Since they've banned that definition of "fun" via tourneys and

TOs do that, and tournament players and their constant whinging online just makes everyone believe that this is The Only Way To Play.

>scuttled bits sales

I buy bits all the time, I don't know why you can't.

>while threatening fan sites with lawsuits for using badwrongwords

Forced to do stupid shit like this by strange copyright laws at home.

>No one at GW - much less a pitiful hack like Ward - can or will "bring it back".

The old books are still available, all you have to do is find at least ONE other person willing to play you with them. Exactly 100% of my friends are willing to do this, so it must just be you.

>Only we can do that, and not in any GW store ...

MarysuckingChrist'scock can't you play somewhere else and not have it be the end of the world?

tl;dr you are everything wrong with the online 40k community.

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>beatles is heresy
it was fine when they were slaughtering aliens and destroying planets, but now they've crossed the line

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