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What do rogue traders wear on their days off?
What do they wear when they're just kickin' it?
There has to be something more casual.

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so I have a new rogue trader game starting that I am Dming and I'd like to get /tg/s opinion on developing my players and my resources. I have a 25*25 vinyl mat, trying to go for a larger map. I have guard, chaos guard, orks and dark eldar minis from my 40k armies as well as marines.

1. I noticed there's not a lot of maps in the standard campaign, is this typical? should I purchase some DND tiles for later campaigns? or will my small map do it?

2. do you just award profit factor for completing missions or do you like to throw in some prizes? if so how?

3. anyone have a good resource for buying battlefleet Gothic stuff on the cheap? would love it for space battles.

4. can anyone give me a themed scenario involving orks. dark eldar, the eldar and the forces of chaos? I'd like to give my team a scenario of guard vs orks/dark eldar. or eldar vs. orks/dark eldar. and have the ruinous powers cause crazy shit to happen.

5. I use bgm music in my game to enhance the experience. but I'd like to learn how you guys improve the game experience, I'd like to teach these guys how to really roleplay but they are new to 40k. is there a good resource they could learn how to talk like they're part of the 41st milenium?

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Rolled 6, 1, 2 = 9

Simple. We ask ourselves this question:

Do we profit more from her dead or alive?

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I started up an RT game about a week ago and we've had 1 session with just the Rogue Trader (The Guy) and the Astropath, establishing relations and contacts on the hub world
This is where the problem arises, he never wants to Role-Play conversations, because he thinks i'll just screw him over (Even though he does things such as barge into the 'Xeno Pens' and demands and Ork bodyguard) so before anything even happens he wants a Fellowship roll...when he has said quite literally nothing.
Anything I can do?

Pic semi related

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I'm playing Rogue Trader right now. It's REALLY fucking fun.

Basically you're a spectre from Mass Effect who's also a pirate/trader who's job is to make money for the Imperium (and himself) by making trading outposts on the far fringes of space.

Also, the different books are a little different from game to game. As the game's go on the rules are more and more refined. What that means is while the main core is the same, many perks and traits are added, removed, and redefined in the way they work. Weapons and armor for the most part are completely interchangeable between systems.

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hey /tg/
I'm writing a rogue trader campaign but I'm not too good with 40k lore
So I'll just pitch it to you to see what I got wrong and get insulted

>a single man of iron escaped from extermination during dark age of technology
>it hid out in the warp storms in the koronus expanse
>it let out rumors of great treasures being hidden at his locations
>people shipwreck all over trying to get to non-existant treasures
>man of iron assimilates ships and builds himself into eldritch abomination
>rogue trader's party stumbles upon parts of these maps and clues that lead to the legendary, long lost treasure

so 3/4ths of the game would be the guys rogueing around the expanse collecting clues and maps to get to this guy, finding out what it's become only at the very end

if the men of iron can fall to chaos, I thought it could have become some sort of giant quantum calculator, predicting the future in service of tzeentch

what do you think?

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I'm GMing my first game in a few weeks, are any of the supplements considered essential?

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Running a Rouge Trader game for my group of 4 players where the ship has a servitor crew. Wondering what careers paths i need present on the ship so that it can run properly . So far i have one player who is a Void-master and another as a Arch-militant. Navigators and Astropaths are a mandatory right?

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My friends have expressed interest in roleplaying, and I've decided to be the GM for a game of Rogue Trader. For most of the players, this is their first or second time roleplaying, and I'm a first time GM, so I could use some advice to make it go as smoothly as possible.

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You're right. Drop the Good Craftsmanship and it still works out. Extremely Rare -30, Scale Negligible: +30.

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So, my group has decided that they want to give Rogue Trader a shot. Now, I know relatively little about 40k in general. Most of what I've learned is through lurking on /tg/ for three years, and independent research.
My tentative party looks like this (they know less about 40k than I do)
>B: "I want to be a pirate queen.
>J: "Can I be a psyker?
>P: "I like the techpriests. Can you be one?
>M: "I wanna be a space marine!"

How reasonable is this, as a party, and how do I (mechanically) go about doing it? What books will I need?

Also Rogue Trader general, I suppose. Stories, whatnot.

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So, I have a problem. I started running a Rogue Trader campaign for my group since we are all sick of high fantasy settings. That's all well and good except Rogue Trader is the *only* book from the WH40K system that I have and the Lord Captain got it into her head that capturing wild beasts from a Death World could be a great profit opportunity. I have no idea how to stat out crazy space bears/tigers/dinosaurs in this system and all the examples in the sourcebook are human, Eldar, or Ork.

If any of you have a book or idea lying around that would give me a way to stat out beasts or relevant xenos (Tyranids?) that would be a fine starting point and I would forever be in your debt!

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Stop arguing fucking semantics and build a star system already.

My new lances need calibration.

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So i'm interested in hearing about some games of rouge trader that you guys have played, or ran. Mainly the lure of the expanse, the frozen reaches and the one in edge of the abyss, ones that i have ran. Plus home brew games. So whats some of the craziest things that have happened in your games, and what do you guys think of the new dark eldar campaign?

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I wanna play a game of Rogue Trader, but to my knowledge my group knows jack shit about 40k. Including myself. I really just want to do a Sci-fi game, and have heard nice things about the system.

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Any age is a good age for my dick. I trust the seneschal's judgement, anyway.

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Core Dark Heresy is about working for Inquisition in less life-threatening missions. However, Dark Heresy is the easiest from w40k rpg games to bend to whatever ideas you have.

I must ask... Why not Rogue Trader? Power, wealth and your own starship!

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Good evening beautiful people of /tg, I have come to request ideas for planets and quests for my current Rogue trader campaign, keep in mind my players actualy don't want to explore and would prefer doing odd jobs and random side quests around the more civilized areas of the galaxy.

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Sup /tg/? I'm planning a Rogue Trader campaign, and there's two differences from the norm that I can safely expect.

1: The players are relatively small in number. Only three players max, probably just two.

2: The players are all below the age of 13. Oldest is 12, youngest is 9.

How do I make the setting of Warhammer 40,000 and Rogue Trader in particular 'kid-friendly' and keep it fun, with the same general taste of 'awesome' we all know and love?

These are kids who grew up playing Morrowind and Starcraft, by the way, so they know what they're doing when it comes to certain things.

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Ha ha ha get a load of this tasteless faggot.
Grow a pair, play Rogue Trader, planet is entirely forest with lost xeno artifacts scattered in ruins hidden deep within the towering trees, RT and his retinue most go in on foot and search the dark forest floor and encounter all kinds of horrible alien monstrosities.

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