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>Prefers thongs to spats

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Get me one to, anon

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You are a GM. You can only kick on of these two:

Player One
>So I want to play a necromancer, yeah I know the parameter for the party is you have to be good, but I can totally pull off being evil without causing problems, I can be secretly evil, IC and OOC, that would be fun for the others. Besides animating dead people is like making constructs right? I could totally make an industrial revolution in this clearly lower tech/magic fantasy setting.

Player Two
>So I'm going to play a witch with the body of a 8yo girl. She is the princess of the demon realm exiled to find her true love, a kitsune who also takes the body of a young girl. What do you mean I can't have a soul gem like in Madoka? I even wrote some material of them /ll/-ing in the backstory.

Tried to lay in on thick with both to make it a hard choice. if you have other ideas or edits to make it more balanced post it

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>that filename

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>You assumed so because you're a dumbass
Dam son, I didn't know your mother was raped by a GM

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>Mainstram Bards

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>tfw have a stoneforge legacy deck so want the mind sieze deck for true-name

>tfw nekusaur is my favorite of the commanders anyway

feels good

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>this fucking thread

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