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7e fantasy daemon book said Slaanesh is good at sorcery because she aspires to excel in all things.

Just not as good as Tzeentch though, for some reason.

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Not Daemon codex princes.

Daemonic Instability is not fearless and they can't get scared by terrify and such shit.

Chaos Marine princes naturally get scared by elfplanes because they are inferior and weak, neener neener.

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There's a story in Fantasy daemon book about how Slaanesh wins over Khorne.

>Beguiled by Slaanesh's art, Nurgle and Tzeench accepted the Chalices of Entropy and Lies - glad despite themselves, to be thought worthy of the Dark Prince's attention. Khone on the other had, could not resolve his wrathful nature with the peculiar attraction that Slaanesh aroused. He smote the Chalice of war a might blow, shattering it into a thousand pieces. Yet even as the broken shards tumbled to the ground, Khorne felt compelled to gather fragments together. For many days and nights , Khorne worked to repair the damage he had wrought, but when the labour was complete the rage waxd strong within him and he shattered the chalice once again. The Blood God has since recreated and destroyed the Chalice of war untold times, as unable to let the pieces lie as to graciously accept the Dark Prince's gift.

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Delicious Guard officer corps.

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By insinuating he could add to his internet cock you denied that his internet cock was already as big as ever possible, and that's terrible!

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Sounds like one should be careful in Warhams to do anything lest Chaos pop up. You don't even need a cult.

>The Grand Ball of Sigridschlosse was an event of shocking debauchery. The nobility of that corner of the Empire, ever a decadent and perverse lot, made sport of inviting the gods themselves to take part in their banquet. As the nobles began their orgy of excess, every courtier who had partaken in the strange-tasting banquet transformed painfully into a Daemonette, and the magisters at the head of each table burst open like seedpods to reveal Greater Daemons of Slaanesh. The resultant bloodbath saw the town of Sigridschlosse burnt to a cinder, and the plumes of smoke drew no less than six war wagons full of State Troops to the site of the massacre.

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More than favoured if Goto is to be believed.

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–Unique Items–

Demon Weapons: All Demon Weapons on a roll of 1 will attack user, but no longer will you lose the rest of your attacks.

Unique Chaos Power Axe: +2 str Ap2, Blinds Opponents, Gives Rage, Daemon Weapon.

Unique Chaos Power Maul: AP4, Fleshbane, Daemon Weapon, Any unsaved wounds causes instant death after toughness test is failed, in addition at the end of the assault phase any model with in 3″ must make another toughness test or take an AP1 wound.

Unique Chaos Power Sword: Ap3 Marked for Death, select any character get str x2 AP1 instant death when engaged with that character

Unique Chaos Flamer: Str 5 Ap3 Torrent, Soulblaze

Unique Icon: Once you kill a model the Icon unlocks and any model enemy model within 12″ must take Difficult and Dangerous Terrain tests and all friendly deep strikers don’t scatter.

Unique Spell Book: Gain Random powers every turn can possible hurt you as well

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But no Eldar has encountered Slaanesh and returned to tell the tale, not even Eldrad. So how can they be sure?

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There's a lot of it around...all those space elf souls in the Warp and mortals around the galaxy.

Besides, blowing everyone up would just calm the warp which is bad for Chaos.

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"Sorry, I forgot I left that on."

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But do they come in pairs?

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You rang?

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I like where this thread is going.

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Eldar inter-craftworld relations are truly degraded if the they've begun to suspect each other of collaborating with Chaos worshippers.

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>Crone Worlds. In the Eye of Terror. Covered in Daemons, and Cultists, and things that may once have been Eldar.

You come for the soulstones, you stay for the buffets.

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They can eat each other's souls and reproduction is not a problem with the tubes.

Still, Commoragh is not foolproof. Eventually Vect will reach the point where he can no longer manage slaughters big enough to rejuvenate him and die, then someone summons daemons in the ensuing power struggle and...

Other threats exist as well, Ahriman and his evil warriors have already gotten into the webway once and can do it again.

Necrons can drill into the webway tunnels with a dolmen gate and do damage before they're sealed off.

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As you should know, Slaanesh is the most recent and the most powerful Eldar deity. The space elves are her property, do not steal.

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Here's a bit of related fluff

>It is said that there are worlds where ancient Eldar still live, the descendants of Chaos-worshipping Eldar of ancient times, spared or recreated by Slaanesh to serve his evil purpose.

-White Dwarf 281

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Hurr picture.

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