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Sounds rough.

Though I found D&D can be okay for RP if you just roll back the actual rolling to a minimum.

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I loved how in the end he found his own path to being good, and wasn't just kind of forced on it by others - though I am sad he didn't get with that cute city girl.

He went from being a character I didn't really like to one I really sympathized with - screaming at a storm that it never held back before, and much later getting frustrated at how hard it was to be good. And then he gets to earn the trust of each of the main cast in turn, though somehow Toph developed a crush on him but never gets an episode with him.

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I hate when you can just tell things are going downhill.

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I'd suggest pauper edh, but that doesn't help if you can't find any players.

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Used to know a chick who was into fatalpulse and uziga and shit like that. At one point she was dating this black guy, told people right in front of him it was only for his BBC. All he seemed to want was a cute, fun girl to date and he wound up sticking it in the crazy. His were the eyes of a broken man.

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Your problem isn't the system, it's the people you play with.

It sounds like you wana play smaller more self-contained character-driven stories and all your friends want to play Skyrim.

Systems that include high power levels aren't necessarily counter-productive to good stories. Harry potter is a universe with magic that told a good story... and so is Madoka Magica despite the power level being 1,000 times higher.
High power only becomes counter productive when you get people who grew up on videogames and think stat progression is the only meaningful progression.

Slightly related video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lg_Lp5bO1U8

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As >>39783471 said, don;t target the party directly with this, but... public displays.

If the party is a bunch of thieves and their enemy is the captain of the city guard, have him call everyone to the city square on day, and when the party shows up just have him whipping the last band of criminals he caught or branding them or beating them half to death right there in front of the crowd.

If your party are heroes and the big bad is trying to take over, have him ride into town with a bunch of slaves or prisoners tied up... then walk down the line and shoot them in the head execution style one by one without even flinching.

If the big bad of the campaign is psychotic or zealous to the point of fanaticism, go for something really fucked up. I ran a campaign once where the big bads were a group of paladins who were intent on wiping out non-humans, that when they caught anyone sheltering or assistint non-humans, they would grab that person in the middle of the night, torture them horribly, then leave their cut up, beaten, burned broken body on display somewhere and send the mayor of the town that person's head in a box (with a dagger stuck through one of the eye sockets) just to send a message that this is what happens to anyone who stands in the way of their "holy mission".

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That's true. I guess I ended up sympathizing with him a lot as the story went on, and in the last season he really came into his own as a pretty cool dude and a powerful character. I guess only being with the one character through most of the show left him fairly independent and made it hard for the writers to really give him much time to bond with other characters. Didn't actually interact with the avatar and co too much, but he seemed to slowly make friends well enough, and for a while I think Toph was crushing on him a bit.

I never did watch Legend of Korra, so I don't know what he does there, but I'm guessing he's a lot more in the background and a lot more stable and less interesting.

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GMs who go after you character's siblings, even when they're nowhere near the action and have nothing to do with it. Sometimes I'm tempted to go a little edge-lord and say my character's siblings are dead or they have non just cos of GMs doing this.

I don't hate the idea itself, and it could probably work pretty well in a game like Magical Burst (since a few people were talking about earlier), but in typical fantasy campaigns I've found it all too often becomes a way for the GM to shit on your character while there's nothing you can do about it. Might as well put a death flag on them as soon as you mention them in your character's bio, because if the GM hates you they're gonna get kidnapped and tortured and sold into slavery and killed even if they're on another fucking continent.

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Sorry to hear that dude. Does it feel awkward to have all this attention lavished on her? Do you ever wish you could just have people treat your character like you originally intended and wanted to roleplay?

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Man. That's kind of sad.

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>Warrior of Tzeentch
>Only guy in warband whose number of ewyes actually decreases

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>I have literally seen my friends get their heads eaten in a ceremony by their wives who then started hitting on some other poor schmuck.

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Damn bro, pic related.

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>DMing a game of D&D for some new players
>One player asks if he can take the Werewolf theme for his character
>"Sure, I'd like a decent backstory about it though"
>"Okay Anon! Thank you."
>Thought that went well
>Later everyone is introducing their characters
>Player who asked to be werewolf starts talking
>"Yeah, when my character was a little boy a werewolf came and killed his family, doing to him unspeakable things but leaving him with his life and an eternal curse..."
>Keeps talking but by that point I'm a little wary
>Frequently transforms into wolf mode and "grapples" other wolf like monsters
>Fuck, fine, no more wolf monsters
>Have them fight humans and some tieflings
>He "grapples" them too, adding that after the battle he mounts them and displays his dominance
>Other players look uneasy so I tell him to tone it down a bit before resuming, since I'd rather fix the problem then go full killer DM
>Hour or so later
>Party working out plan
>Fighter and Werewolf disagree
>Werewolf transforms and mounts him to display dominance
>"Hey! [Player]! Not cool. Last warning
>He apologizes, says he was trying to be IC
>Half hour goes by
>Offhandedly mentions he starts cleaning himself in wolf mode infront of the Female Ranger
>Discribes that he is getting excited when she looks aghast
>"Last strike [player]. I warned you, out.
>Rest of the game went great with everyone having a good time

So, ever have to kick a player out /tg/?

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>They took my meat and sarcasm and replaced it with ponytail. So much ponytail.

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Pic related

And yeah, can't forget that. Basically trying to steer away from "Modern" monsters and go a more folklorish, campfire story route.

Mainly cuz it kind of gimps the attacker? Honestly it could work, I just saw it the other way because the only d6 based game system I lay is Risk.

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