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I fucking hate the fact that they're stealing the gargant name for their giants

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I need sources for Ork minis.

Particularly Stompas and Gargants.

That or what minis can I use to scratch build Gargants to match the new Adeptus Titanicus scale?

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Gargants in AT.

Can it be done?

What models could you use to scratch build them?

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Look boss, da humies are welcumin' us with a little blasty-lights display.

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Man sure is dead in here, lets put out some neckbeard bait.

Ork titans outperform Imperial titans by a sizable margin due to their dense superstructure being able to absorb more hits then an Imp titan, and their cost effectiveness in being able to be built over the course of a couple of months or even less time; unlike imperial titans whom the Mechanicus barely know how to make anymore.
I fail to see how Titan legions ever manage to hold out against a Waagggh! large enough to have Gargants.

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