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>So, just to get myself back on track, that shit, and the insanity that comes with it, is only what happens when you push too hard for "blessings" from the Chaos gods?

The insanity is always there it only gets worse when to strive for the attention of the Chaos Gods. You can't get their attention with petty acts, you must be a little ambitious and imaginative.

But there are a lot of reasonable(ish) Chaos Gods out there to offset the crazies. These guys are no more crazier than the Imperial they fight against. Look at the Word Bearers for example. They want to convert people to Chaos instead of mass slaughtering them. They want to build churches and choirs instead of graveyards and wastelands (usually).

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Word Bearers pls go

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>Don't take marks or favor one God over the other

But then how will he cram his list full of Plague Marines for-their-fantastic-background-I-assure-you-it's-nothing-to-do-with-their-tabletop-effectiveness-at-all.

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word bears

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>On the worlds they attack, the Word Bearers build huge monuments dedicated to their dark gods, and vast cathedrals are erected where the chants and prayers of the faithful intermingle with the screams of those being sacrificed in the name of Lorgar. The Word Bearers are the only Traitor Legion to still observe codes of religion in the form of their Dark Apostles, and under them have retained a strict regimen of blasphemous prayer and evil devotion that fills much of their time. All Word Bearers are expected to be thoroughly knowledgeable in ritual sacrifice, occult study, and decadent worship.
- Index Astartes: Word Bearers

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Right over you enslaving you to the gods.

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The sheep of the false corpse god will believe anything now a days.

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Nope. Gods are dicks.

>Even for the Legions dedicated to Chaos, the warp-routes through the immaterium were often convoluted and difficult to navigate. Thousands of overlapping routes existed through the warp, twisting and turning in constant flux. There were fast moving streams that wound their way through the immaterium, allowing remarkably swift passage from one area of realspace to another, but also stagnant areas of null-time where a fleet could become becalmed for years or decades at a time. Skilful Navigators were able to predict and read the warp like a living map. The best of them were able to remain fluid, adapting to the changeable flow of the immaterium and making the most of its fluctuating ways. Often, a fleet would be forced to slip sidewards across several streams, being buffeted to and fro, pulled months off-course by the malign forces that dwelt there before slipping into the warp-route that would take them to their destination.
(Dork Creed)

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Here's what the Word Bearers think:

>Rooted in the beliefs of Lorgar himself, the Word Bearers are the heralds of a terrible new age of religious servitude. Only united behind the teachings of a god and offering the obeisance that such a god requires can the masses of Humanity be saved from the perils of alien menace and internal schism. There is only one power in the galaxy worthy of such submission, and that is the dark majesty of Chaos. Each warrior of the Word Bearers is a missionary bringing the darkness of Chaos with them, preaching the one true faith to those that will hear it and exterminating those who will not. Their belief is simple, tread the path of Chaos or die.

Abaddon too wants to forge an empire of Chaos and bring mankind under his rule.

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We've been generic'd.

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So /tg/, I come to you with a question about 40k.
Which Chaos legion is the most 'evil'? I know they all have their own special-snowflake ways of being evil, but which one is the most cruel in general? As long as we're at it, which one is the least evil?
I'm well aware of how 40k is full of shades of grey and morality doesn't always register, but I'm curious as to which traitor legion is the worst out there (opinion based obviously).

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Hey guys, I built some playable Eldar for Black Crusade. Credit to a N01_HEr3 for a lot of the gear stats.


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I surely hope not, for those Templar's sake.

You can have your filthy cards back, xeno. That Chaotic creature has shown me something more fun than any simpleton game. The power of Chaos!

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Yeah, that too. I was mainly thinking of this image and the Dark Apostle series, which featured all the myriad uses of cultists.

>'Forward!' roared Marduk. 'The eyes of the gods are upon you and their judgement awaits. Prove your worth before them, and take your hatred to the infidel corpse worshippers!'

>The cultists advanced before his fiery oratory, but Marduk despised them, every one of them. The gods were watching, it was true, and they would laugh as these wretches were led to the slaughter to accomplish the goal of the true favoured ones, the Word Bearers.

>'Onward, warriors of the true gods! Glory and ascension awaits you! Fear not the guns of the enemy. Embrace destruction, for with your deaths the aims of the gods are accomplished. Give up your mortal bodies unto Chaos, and your souls will soar in the realms of the deities this night!'

>Five thousand cult warriors advanced into the tight ravine, towards the waiting guns of the looming Titan in the distance. They screamed their devotion as they marched forward.

>Leaving a considerable gap behind the Cultists of the Word, Marduk ordered the remainder of the Host forward, giving up on any further pretence that they were going to wait for the enemy to come to them.

Those wacky Word Bearers.

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And think not to say within yourselves, We have Emperor to our father: for I say unto you, that the Gods are able of these stones to raise up children unto Emperor.

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Damn.10/10 nigga, that was real fucking funny.

But seriously you guys need some equipment or anything? No? Are you sure? You've barely got a full set of power armour between the lot of you..

It's okay if you need some, I mean we're fucking swimming with the shit over here. You need some slaves too? grab a couple, hell grab a billion, we got more than enough.

Oh well, whatever. Our still living Primarch says hi by the way.

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‘It is only fitting,’ said the First Acolyte.

‘As you wish, my brother,’ said Khalaxis, moving in front of the kneeling warrior.

Marduk passed the champion of the almost obliterated 17th coterie his bolt pistol, and the taller warrior took it in his hands with great reverence. Then he raised the bolt pistol and placed it against Rhamel’s forehead.

‘Into the darkness he strode,’ quoted Marduk, from the Trials of the Covenant, ‘into the flames of hell, with his head held high, and he smiled.’

‘Be at peace,’ said Khalaxis.

Rhamel smiled, looking up at Khalaxis with eyes shining with belief.

‘I’ll see you on the other side, my brother,’ he said.

Then the bolt pistol bucked in Khalaxis’s hand, and the back of Rhamel’s head was obliterated, exploding outwards in a shower of gore.

Marduk dipped a finger in the blood and drew an eight-pointed star on Rhamel’s forehead, the hole of the entry wound at its centre.

‘What was that all about?’ Burias asked in a low voice as they climbed into the submersible, eyeing the brooding Khalaxis.

‘Nothing,’ said Marduk. ‘A brave warrior is dead. He will be mourned.’

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Because Daemons should serve Mankind, not the other way around.

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Horus Heresy era Black Legion Champion. Undivided.
I guess we can talk about war stuff. Then hit the town and fuck shit up. Get in fights, break things. Start a cult with his crazy planning and leadership skills.

I guess I'm a new lesser minion of Chaos. SHit.

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a personal favorite

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1) Your Legion/Warband: The Word Bearers
2) Your wargear: Artificer Armour, Accursed Crozius,
3) Your style: Smooth.
4) Describe your squad: My Coryphus and Terminator bodyguard.
5) Your Lord promoted you because: My predecessors faith in the true powers failed him.
6) Your Lord doesn't consider you enough of a threat to kill because: He is a fool.
7) You chose to take the gamble of daemonhood or spawndom because: The Dark Powers watch over me and I will accept their gifts as all should.

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Name your favourite evil primarch /tg/

Mine is Lorgar... simply because pretty much half the shit that happened is his fault

And unlike many of the others.. he willingly Chose to give himself to chaos without being coerced in any way... he wasnt even flawed like Angron.

He's just a baddie

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