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The tongue can extend 3 feet, not inches
You could literally like a girls cervix. But do daemonettes even have those?

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Brother, that's an amazing first time model. I don't believe in being critical to new painters, because that method doesn't do fuckall, just clean it up a bit, maybe a wash of nuln oil over the chainmail and some over the gold if you wanna give it a nice faded look, the plasma gun looks good but also take a good look at the shape of it, there is mutation on it, more than likely with a fleshy look and feel, so remember that for the future. I would dab some typhus corrosion on the non mutated parts of the sword. See the tubing on his neck? Those aren't metal, same as for the ones on his side. I would also paint those a fleshy color. As for the cloak, I would make it look kinda dirty at the bottom, maybe drybrush some steel legion drab on it and the boots.

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Seriously. Slaaneshi rival. We hate her, she hates us. It all works out.

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I'll just leave this here. . .

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awful tempted to derail into daemonette thread...

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So as the acts get more and more depraved, isn't a slaanesh worshiper guaranteed to be "happy"? Worst come to worst you a) Get raped in various ways by hot daemons until your soul is torn apart (heaven for a true patron) or b) You turn to a spawn (meh)

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Chaos undivided members get their pick of the 4
Abandon I'm sure has one of each, sadly he can't hold them because he lacks the necessary requirements

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expect, ya know... Chaos

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So are the Emprah's Children "Happy"?

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Surprised I couldn't find a daemons thread aren't they meant to be up for pre-order now or was it next weekend?

Also slaanesh master race reporting, hope to fuck they're playable with the new dex.

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Yo /tactical geniuses/

I'm entering a 600p tourney at a FLGS later this week and i've decided to have a go with my CSM as i'm bored of playing necrons
There is only one rule change and that is that you only need one troops choice instead of 2.

I first thought to use this list:
Sorcerer w/ Mark of Slaanesh, Mastery Level 2 (Slaanesh + , Sigil of Corruption, Bike, Combi-flamer, Black Mace, Gift of Mutation, VotLW
Cultists x10, Autoguns x7, Heavy Stubber, Champ w/ Shotgun
Chaos Bikers x6, Plasmagun x2, Mark of Slaanesh, Icon of Excess, VotLW, Champ w/ Power Weapon & Gift of Mutation
Chaos Predator w/ TL Lascannon

But now I've heard that there will be shitloads of flyers, especially vendettas and stormtalons (or was that stormravern? i can never pick those two apart).
I want to have at least a small chance of placing top 3 here but it looks like i'll drown in flyerspam right now, and with only one TL lascannon my chances of beating that goes down the drain real fast.

I don't have much else in the way of chaos, only five more unpainted Cultists and a primed and first-layered Rhino. Do you guys think I should go back to Necrons, or give my chaos list a go anyway?
I would really like to go pic related but if that means i'll chump out of the tourney fast that you can say "For the glory of Slaanesh" then I'll go with my 'crons...

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Excellent one more person never hurts in keeping a thread bumped. So while we're trying how about a little apoc discussion.

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I'm drumming up a Chaos killteam for a tourney at the FLGS at the end of january.

How does this look?
Biker Champ w/ Power Weapon, Gift of Mutation, Special Rule: Deamon
Vanilla Biker
Biker w/ Mark of Slaanesh
Biker w/ Plasma Gun, Special Rule: Torrent
Biker w/ Plasma Gun, Special Rule: FNP

I know i'm 3p off but it's the best i an do with the models i have.
Idea is for PlasTorrent dude to scorch any groups of enemies while PlasFNP dude picks off dangerous opponents (or burns himself to a crisp with my luck), Mark dude and Champ drop into melee and vanilla dude acts as meatshield or backup where ever needed.

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Is it just me or is Black Crusade kinda... boring when compared to stuff like Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader?

I mean, in Rogue Trader you play through epic exploration and deathdefying swashbuckling ADVENTURE! and in Dark Heresy you really flip the bird to the long odds in a universe that wants, and is supremely able, to kill you and eat your corpse for breakfast.

what do you do in Black Crusade? Frak around killing other chaos cultists/marines in combats that never have any impact on the big whole. I mean, nothing really seem to matter in the end like things do in DH or RT. And another thing, there is no real fear of character death with the whole "lose infamy and stand right the fuck up again from death".

Is Black Crusade really boring or is it just me not liking the style of our groups new GM?
pic related. it's how i envisioned BC being when i first heard about it. It did not live up to my expectations

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So I don't know anything about Daemons in 40K, butI want to add them to my CSM. I know they deep strike in and are divided:

Can Daemon allies deep strike on to Chaos Space Marine Icons?

Do the Allies count as "half the force" for their weird deep strike rule?

Does the Oracle let all of my guys reroll saves?

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I stopped playing 40k when the new Chaos codex came out because I liked to play Emperor's Children with Daemonettes.

I heard that 6th edition has brought back CSM having proper Daemons? How does it work? Can I take Noise Marines and then have all my daemonettes available to summon in like years ago?

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Trying again since i didn't get any interest last time.

After a near-TPK in our Black Crusade game I've realized i'm lagging behind severely on corruption points with my Slaaneshii CSM Chosen. I'm stuck at 19 corruption (with one death counted in) when all other characters are rocking high 20s or low 30s. I have tried to get corruption points by skinning enemies and i'm stocking up to make me a coat of skins later on and i've tried multiple substance abuse (massive amounts of bathtub-gin and some needles of obscura since it was all i could find) but neither gave me any corruption points.

I've flipped through the book but its all "kill imperial enemy this" or "desecrate imperial that" or for slaaneshii aligned characters: "blaspheme extremely on imperial this" or "seduce high-ranking imperial that". All of those are pretty unlikely to happen since we are stuck smack-bang on some gods forsaken string of islands floating through space hold together by warp shenanigans and populated by chaos factions only. And for you who suggest summoning a daemon, we don't have anyone with he skill and knowledge to do that.

I'm trying to avoid being THAT GUY and bring up fetishes and extreme sex but i'm about to run out of options here. We had one khornite but he got killed by our other slaaneshiite during a session i couldn't attend. Now we have two slaaneshii, one nurglite, two tzeenchians and one undivided.

TL;DR: Need idea to get corruption that isn't THAT GUY-ish

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I joined a Black Crusade game a while back and rolled up a slaaneshii CSM Chosen. Now we're a bit into our game and i'm stuck at 19 corruption with one death counted in when all others are rocking high 20s or low 30s. I've tried to get corruption by carving off the skin of foes i slay and my char is in the process of making a coat for himself with 'em but no corruption there. Oh and i've also tried multiple-substance abuse (massive amounts of crude bathtub-gin and some needles of obscura as it was the only things I could find)
I've been looking through the book on how to get corruption but its pretty much just "desecrate imperial that" or "kill imperial this", or for slaaneshii devoted "blaspheme extremely on imperial this" or "corrupt high-ranking imperial that". The thing is, we are currently stuck on a gods-forsaken place of interlocked islands floating in deep space with only chaos factions as far as the eye can see and beyond.

I am trying to keep away from going full-out THAT GUY with fetishes and extreme sex but it looks more and more like my only option as the only khorne-aligned guy got killed during a sessions which i couldn't attend (now there's two tzeenchians, one nurglite, two slaaneshii (my char and one human psyker) and one unaligned) and i'm running out of other options...

Is it just me being unimaginative of ways to get corruption or is the GM being cheap as fuck on corruption with me?

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This is how i Chaos Space Marine Champion

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Can i have a Black Crusade story thread?

I'm joining a BC game on thursday and i desperately need some inspiration for my character, a Chosen CSM that probably will lean towards Slaanesh.

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>Keeper of Secrets thinks i have fought well and give me the option to surrender.
>if i surrender i will be given full control of the planets i have taken and only be answerable to the Prince of Pleasure himself
>if i don't i will be annihilated and no one will know of my brave deeds
>Fuck it. My story shall not be forgotten.
>shoot my honorguard and turn to KoS
>"I bow before the prince of pleasure. I hereby pledge my allegiance to him and him alone."
>my planets are now deamon worlds under my direct control.
>just waiting for the warpstorm to drop.
>The Imperium shall feel my wrath for their betrayal.
>My story shall be heard by all. I SHALL NOT BE FORGOTTEN BY THE SANDS OF TIME!

Chaos Fuck Yeah

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