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For those who want to follow along, I'll be using the RT core book for this. And for those who don't have access to it, here are your class choices.

- Rogue Trader

The captain, the skipper, the big cheese. Usually from a noble bloodline, the Rogue Trader waves his or her Warrant of Trade in the faces of anyone (Imperial authorities largely included) interested in cramping their style as they seek fame and fortune amongst the stars.

- Arch-militant

Do you like guns?

- Astropath Transcendent

Usually appearing sickly and unwholesome, Astropaths are capable of harnessing the power of the Warp with their minds, sending messages to faraway. equally gifted individuals. The use of this power accelerates aging and otherwise wears a body thin.

- Explorator

Googly-eyed robots that were once humans obsessed with technology. Revere the 'Machine God' and seek His works across the stars. Often mistrusted by their peers in the Mechanicus, always mistrusted by everyone else.

- Missionary

Insanely devoted religious zealot, seeks to spread the Emperor's Word across the galaxy, whether its their mouth or their flamer's muzzle doing the talking.

- Navigator

Gifted in similar ways to the Astropath, Navigators are mutants born with Warp-seeing eyes in the middle of their foreheads. Usually from wealthy and powerful families known as the 'Navis Nobilite,' who are at the end of the day little more than well kept slaves to the Imperium, despite their not inconsiderable influence. Their physical aberrations are tolerated as a necessary evil to the continued existence of the Imperium.

- Seneschal

Do you like money?

- Void-master

One born and raised amongst the stars, loathe to set foot on any planet's surface. Usually serves as a crewmaster or head of ship maintenance due to their unique familiarity with a ship's inner workings. Usually weird.

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yo /tg/ a few guys from my 4e group are going to start running Dark Heresy. None of us have much(if any) experience with it and I was hoping to get a general started about characters/optimizations.

I rolled up a void born psyker and I was hoping to specialize in guns and use Biomancy.
the goal was to make a sniper/psyker with healing powers(pic related) but after looking at the rulebook I'm worried I may be spreading my points too thin, is this something thats viable?

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nigga dat's stylin!

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/tg/, if I may besiege you for your help I have a problem of sorts and you are the only boards that may be able to help me.

I want to create a Dark Heresy campaign where one of the main antagonists in a Rogue Trader and his crew that have gone FULL HERESY and aligned themselves with the chaos gods to spread disharmony on the fringe worlds. However there are a few details I am iffy on.

1) How long would it take the Rogue Trader's ship itself to fall to Chaos. Is it possible for the vessel itself to still be pure even after it's captain and crew have turned? I was thinking of one of the bigger Rogue trader ships. There would only be one, this corrupted Rogue Trader wouldn't have a fleet. If the ship had been turned to chaos could you turn it back to the imperium?

2) What would be the political fallout of purging these heretics from the universe? My impression was that Rogue traders were extremely powerful and practically untouchable while wielding serious influence themselves.

Thank you for any and all help.

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Nah, check out these plate pants. Stylish AND protective.

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Gun as fuck...

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Two questions for you fine gentlemen.

1) How many of you are in/have been in GOOD online groups for tabletop? Stories also appreciated, but not necessary.

2) Do you know of any online tabletop groups currently starting up/looking for new members/open to new members? I'm jonesing for a fix and my RT group just fell through.

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I'm running a Rogue Trader game next week and I'm trying to find some good artwork for character and space ships.

Can we get a 40K art thread up and going?

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The Navigator read the tides of the Warp with great skill and expertly brought the Empress of the Void, Exitus and Ramrod to the outskirts of the breaking yards. Before embarking onto the yards Barbossa summoned the Seneschal, Vladimir Brannigan to the bridge.

“Greetings scion of Brannigan, I have summoned you here because I am abandoning your family. I cast off my servitude and loyalty to your clan. From now on me and my crew are freemen in charge of our destiny. Now scion of Brannigan you can contest my call to freedom or serve me. So far you have proven useful and perhaps you shall continue to be helpful.

“Dear Captain I am no scion of Brannigan I am merely a distant relative. I lay claim to this ship or to your authority as master of the ship.” Neals sighed mentally, relieved his secret had been concealed. They did not suspect that he was a con man determined to steal a quick buck. Yet it was unclear what was more dangerous being a scion of House Brannigan or a con man stealing from a dangerous group of freeman. Barbossa nodded sagely, “Good decision, return to your quarters I suspect you will soon prove your worth and should rest up.”

As the flotilla advanced on the Breaking Yards Captain Algers Ramrod and Captain Borman Exitus both voxed Barbossa eager for advice. The crew of their ships were restless. They had become convinced that they were to be scrapped and destroyed with all hands aboard and were near revolt. Barbossa took a few minutes and prepared to address the crews of his flotilla and assuage their fears and lay down his plans.

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After a brief conference the explorers decided to come to the aid and strike down the warboss. Scanning comm traffic they managed to locate what they thought was the warboss's location. Loading up assault shuttles with ratings and necromundans they set off to murder some orks. The Pirates began to assault the ork vessel also in order to alleviate some of the pressure on the Navy vessel. After a brief search they located the warboss in the heart of battle surrounded by orks boyz and Navy ratings desperately trying to repel them. Barbossa drew his Plasma Pistol and took aim, vaporizing a boy while he tried to flank the boss. The SENESCHAL drew his Inferno Pistol and scorched another boy from reality. With a roar of hate the Malakai drew his chainsword and dove into the melee hacking at a boy. Myra approached slowly and focused her powers and tried to convince the warboss that a boy next to him a sloppy git who deserved to be smashed. However things went horribly wrong her powers spilled over and opened a brief rip in reality giving all nearby a glimpse of the warp.

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Out of interest, where is a good place to find recruitment for Rogue Trader games? I recently got the books from /rs/, and after reading through them it sounds like it would be pretty good fun in the GRIMDARK, but I can't seem to find anywhere which might be good for online games.

In return, Badass WH40K Art.

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Can someone in /tg/ help me out? We're starting a Rogue Trader game here at our local store. I'll be starting as the traders son (I've been assured by the GM that I'll get the ship / warrant by the end of the first adventure) and need a powerful name for the family.

The warrant is back from the time of the forging, and was given to our family by the ecclisiacy.

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Good to hear. Not that your answer mattered to me in any case.

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The novel Ravenor says they exist except they go around wearing traditional eldar-ish armor

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ITT: You help a budding GM to decide which program/website is best for running an online campaign by stating which is your favorite and briefly explaining why.

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So, very first =RT= game, who ought to be my first "questgiver" or how should I start the game and get the RT and his crew to investigate a research station on a Death World? should I just have an inquisitor show up and demand it of them, or is there some better way to get them involved? I have a living campaign sector planned out, but I don't really know where I ought to set the very opening of the campaign and get things started. Any suggestions?

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Are all Alpha + Psykers psychotic or possessed by Chaos?

Or are there a few that have been trained and used as weapons for the Imperium?

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tell me about your rogue trader campaigns/ideas for rogue trader campaigns/things that should or not be in the book, etc.

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