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Well, the idea was that Chaos is a corrupting force, so when the Great Gate above the north pole exploded, magic twisted the natural wildlife to make unicorns and gryphons and other "magical" wildlife. Some of them mutated so far that they became sentient, human-like monsters. Other times, men would be changed on the inside by Chaos power without knowing, and their offspring would have goat hooves or horns or some other deformity that would get them burnt at the stake the next time a Witch Hunter rides into the village. Fearing for their children, misshapen though they are, mothers would often leave these children in the deepest, darkest woods, where the Beastmen would take the child and raise it as their own. Both animal- and human-derived Beastmen were jealous of the "pure" forms of man and anguished that they could never be anything other than an abomination, so they took out their rage on civilization by causing as much suffering as they could.

But not any more.

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