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Rolled 87 (1d100)

that's what you get when you mess with slaanesh, corpse emperor's thrall

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Slaanesh- The Prince of Pleasure was originally conceived to be the god of joy, and of beauty, but its birth, the fall of the eldar, demonstrated the already fallen nature of the eldar empire. The prince now rules the Brass Palace in the warp, attended by daemons and horrors, and for a long while it eagerly feasted on the souls of the eldar. The great mistress of Shah-Dome has since turned to more complex, extended, and varied predilections. While young and weak as a warp presence, Slaanesh maintains a vast physical empire and cult within the eye of terror, intent on shaping the state of the materium for greater power within the warp. The dark prince and its cabal of faithful cenobites wish to see Slaanesh as master of the warp, with all other gods bound before its throne. The Slaaneshi cult is particularly interested in fulfilling the domination of the eldar pantheon, hoping to angle its personal enmity with the unified empire into a claim to arch-deamonhood and luciferian mastery of all temptation.

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I'm going to go against the grain and say that your usage of Tumblr pronouns is justified, as Slaanesh is a huge fucking faglord and mutilating the English language to fully describe all of the myriad sexual organs Slaanesh may or may not possess is totally in-character.

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I'll just be butthurt for the evening.

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Thats obligitory. But I was hoping for a bit more detail and I'm not that clever

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I keep missing that Fictorian but I just wanted to say that I, among others, am still interested in the Male Cultist x Futa Daemon story and look forward to it

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