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Hello, fellow elegan/tg/entlmen. Yet again I have another few stupid questions on Deathwatch rules.

1. Does bolter count as 1-handed weapon? Or is it 2-handed? Can't find nothing regarding this in rules booklet.

1.5. If it is indeed 1-handed, can space marine hold his combat knife or chainsword in other hand?

2. Can space marine parry with his combat knife?

3. Does bolt pistol have any advantages over bolter?

Thanks in advance and sorry for possible grammar mistakes, sovietfag here.

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A tactical marine for comparison.

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Yup, they do.

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Hello, fellow fa/tg/uys. I have yet another stupid question on Deathwatch rules. How does fatigue work? Can't find anything about it in Final Sanction booklet, but every character sheet mentions it.

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Hello, fellow fa/tg/uys. Has anyone saved thread about epic battles in Final Sanction demo-adventure for Deathwatch?

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Yup. Here is the Tac Ultra.

Yes the stats seem low. Don't worry, they're still fucking amazing badasses. And these are simplified cut down sheets/rules too.

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So, this entire thread is leading towards a Deathwatch campaign where a kill-team takes on the Covenant, right?

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I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought that.

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