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Expanding on this, I never actually see anyone recommend classical literature on this site when the classics are what inspired all of the fantasy genre in the first place.
You want good stuff, read anything by the Greek or Roman epic poets, anything in the canon of Arthurian legend, The Epic of Gilgamesh, Beowulf, the Icelandic Eddas, the Travels of Sir John Mandeville, the Song of Roland, the Middle English Breton Lays.
There's really too many to list, but those are good places to start.

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He was an imam. Although she was raised by her village, imam Netten was always a father in her eyes. He was gentle, but commanded respect. He was distant, but his words ran deep. He was there for his people, but he was always there for her.
Unfortunately, he was cut down as the game progressed. Blown to smithereens along with the mountain upon which their village was situated. His last act as a character was to tell my character who the true enemy of the game was. Without his input, she might never have known, as she shared his trusting nature.

Go with God, Netten AlCalli. And be at peace.

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Pre-Battle Quote: "Ah, so my defeat is upon me. I would surrender, but I think I owe it to my friends to at least try."

This takes place on a glass staircase in space. Both the stars and stairs are flashing in a rainbow of colors.


Post-Battle Quote: "They fell for me. The least I can do is get up for them."

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Is there a worse waifu than haley?

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In that case, sweet! Glad it wasn't super creepy.

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