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It's absolute suffering.

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So here's the problem, going to be starting up a Black Crusade game for this group, I know one of them has his heart set on playing a Khornate Berserker from the Book of Blood. Under normal circumstances I would be fine with this, just give everyone who plays one of the core archetypes would get a massive xp boost to compensate (as advised in the Book of Fate). my hangup is that besides me, the vast majority of the players (including the one in question) is not only new to Black Crusade, but RPG's in general So I want this to be a fun experience for everyone but at the same time I'm worried that this advanced archetype is going to prove too much for a novice player, not to mention that giving an xp dump on equally inexperienced players to get them up-to-speed doesn't sound like a great idea either, they have all this xp to spend on skills and abilities that they will have no idea what it does or what will work for them and what won't, it could all prove to be too much too fast and prove more discouraging than anything else. But at the same time I know this player has his heart set on playing a berserker, and I don't like the idea of forcing him to play a character he's not going to be thrilled with.

I have talked with him about my concerns, and he understands the problem, (also helped that I pointed out that it's entirely possible to take one of the core archetypes and build it over time into a berserker in all but name) so he's going to have 2 character concepts prepared; 1 will be his Khornate berserker character, and the other will be an alternate character that will more fit within the core archetypes, so the choice on which to allow is ultimately mine.

Problem is I have no idea what to do. I don't want to deprive this player, but at the same time I don't want to ruin everyone else's experience by dropping them into the deep-end right out of the gate.

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So wait, the AdMech has planet teleportation tech that they just forgot about?
This AU has ruined me, I can't laugh at the grimdark for grimdarkness' sake of canon anymore.

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Well, anon, they're automatically shit-tier because, y'know, they're fan splats.

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>game about a high-powered tavern
>still no PoW discipline about drunken fighting
>SoM has been confirmed to not have a drunken fighting sphere
just fuck my entire life up

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I got you, famlam.

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Here, I got the stupid thing out you dense fucks, I'll give you a better summary:

>upon sealing grislebrand into the helavault, apparently there was this prophecy that a long dead beast would arise from the deep, break open the helavault and release grisslebrand back into innistrad
>in order to stop the ascension of the beast, the angles had to conspire, and the only source of enough white mana had to be someone martyred and beloved by angles, hence saint traft
>the angles took saint traft's body to the middle of the deep, and dropped the body into the newly-formed chasm where it was eaten by sea monster
>after consuming Saint traft, the dramatically weakened monster was dispatched by angels, but not before they suffered great losses
>overcome by grief, that one angel blessed his sword with a new prophecy that one day the harbinger would return, and an angle with blood drenched wings would set innistrad ablaze
>the angle helps those who wield saint traft's sword, but after the damage done, they were no longer impervious with the abundance of white mana destroyed with saint traft's body

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>Hey anon, here's the crib notes on how to fit in to most boards based on your previous posts.
>F-fuck you man, I do what I want.

We should really put something in the OP about not replying to this guy. It seems like he's incapable of being helped.

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Thank you blessed anon. this is my first run on D&D and everyone else' first time playing tabletop,
I don't really know what to throw at them to make it interesting. The best I have to include the normies is that I worked out that I should name the king Fettius Wappus, his Lt. is named wacka flackian, who presides over the royal "brick squad" army. So far I'm really just getting a drinking problem out of it.

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Non-quests edition

Use the previous thread to bitch about quests:

How do you think /tg/ could be improved? What's been bothering you lately?

I also want to say thank you to Hiro for visiting our humble board. I know we don't generate the most traffic, but we've got a lot of heart dammit.

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>I haven't had the chance to play edh for 3 weeks
>during that time I built a blue-hate memnarch deck
>keep fucking around, buying assorted $1 jank cards, seems too impractical to be fun
>go out last night to test the deck out with my playgroup
>first game ends when I get infinite mana and steal everything on the entire board
>second game ends when I drop blightsteel turn 3 and slap a blade of selves on it
>third game ends after a long drawn out archenemy clusterfuck with various durdle bullshit, but eventually Kederekt Leviathan wipes the board, Memnarch steals a Jitte, and coretapper + voltaic key wins the game
>Memnarch is now banned from my playgroup
>but infinite turns Narset is fine

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>high elves never ever

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>Besmara will never get fleshed out
>There will never be a good pirate-themed AP
I just don't get it, how did they manage to make it so mind numbingly dull

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So, it's been suggested that for a FFG Star Wars campaign that I'm putting together I should get a player packet together to send the players prior to the first session so that they have some idea of what to expect and what, if any, restrictions or guidelines for character ideas they should know prior to the character creation session.

this sounds like a great idea except for one thing...

I've never put one together before. how do I do that? what do I do?

help, please...

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>That guy that after a single night of games wants to have his retired one-off become a God, and for his next character plays a Cleric devoted to them.

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For some reason, I never seem to encounter the truly shitty roll20 groups. I have this supernatural sense of which ones are sure to not devolve into some kind of drama or faggotry. They are the groups that disband due to inactivity after two sessions.

It's my gift, and my curse.

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If I met one in real life my stomach would churn. Especially if their head flap things started to fucking move. Damnit, I'm eating. Why did I do this to myself?

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I hope people are enjoying this, I realize it's a lot more detail and story time than these threads usually are but I have a hard time not being a writefag.

Right, so I join the group outside and we wait on him. CK is a green dragonborn. CK comes out of the stables a red dragonborn. I whisper the DM and ask if he's dripping wet and he has me roll him a perception. Yeah, he's dripping wet. Fuck. So we get to a council thing or something and wait awhile before a council of mages comes out to see us. We tell them of the impending attack, but they don't believe us. Who would attack the city of mages? They're fucking mages. It's never happened before, it'll never happen now. I found out from sleuthing the city was to be attacked because they were harboring a mage (they had a sanctuary law for all magic users) who had caused the farmlands of those clans to die from a botched spell of some kind. I asked if they had some spare paper for me, I could sketch them out the key people who were talking as well as some angelic person who came to tell the clans to knock it off, but the clans told her it had nothing to do with her group and to fuck off.

So I explain this to the council, and I sketch the people I'm discussing perfectly (Investigator Archetype feature. I used the shit out of that.) and they grudgingly believe us. But are still not worried because they can repel any attack. At this point the hippie speaks up, giving a speech about how as the leaders it's their job to protect the lives of everyone in the city and they shouldn't be so nonchalant.

While she blabbers I scribble a note in the book I was given, something along the lines of "Those two fuckers are hired assassins here to kill someone, and have repeatedly threatened to kill me. Please help." I pass the book up to the guy with the pencil as a bookmark. He opens it, reads it, and says, "So, which one of you is the hired killer?"

They could probably hear my facepalm over my mic.

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Oh. I guess I'm retarded, then.

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>tfw you spend way too much at the LGS

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