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So long as it doesn't cause your phone to try and eat your brain, you should be good.

Also, you have support from 'murica here!
Also also, gotta go with the others and suggest Nadja avoid's becoming number 7
Also also also...
>Seighild wears heavy plate and wields a tower shield/Axe combo
>mfw delicious dwarven deathmachine

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>Datz da dakkaist ting I'd eva hurd.

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roll20 is what resurrected my group, and allowed me to continue GMing, one of the highlights of my week.

Believe me when i say you guys are some of the raddest dudeskis around.

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Looks great.

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rolled 23 = 23


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I was with you until you said kick orks out of the galaxy. Fuck you.

Also, in the extreme long-haul chaos is fucked because the warp will likely normalize and calm down once all the dumbass species are dead and stop spamming warp drives and psyker powers all day every day.

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Thanks for the great input boyz.

I suppose I should really read up on Ork "tactics" before I begin.

Any good forums/articles where I can lurk?

I love reading all the advices so keep em coming.

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Out the window, a grey-green clouded world sits amongst the inky blackness of space. Wurrza walks over to the augurs and adjusts some dials, while reading the talky-box manual upsidedown. Surprisingly enough he gets to see some metrics.

"Xomula is a swamp world that at times can rival worlds such as Catachan and Luther McIntyre. It has a highly dangerous xenoflora and xenofauna. The Atmosphere is often wracked with electrical storms, so caution is advised when flying in." the augur cogitators state.

"CAPTURE. EVERYFING." says Wazgor.
"Oi... zat mean we'ze cud... petting zoo?" asks Kroz.
"ohhh.... datz a right propa world, gud fer sneakin!" says 'Eadmangla happily.
"Dis place iz.... iz... bootiful." says Grakgut as he begins to tear up.

The party begins heading down to the Launch Bays, but Grakkar needs one last ti
"Oy, Uzgob!" he yells, "Try ta make me a.... squig... dat screamz! An' you kan stick myoozik tings in it an' it'll scream like da myoozik bit!"
"We'll get roight on it, boss!" Uzgob yells, followed by "'EY, GRAKKAR, GET YER LAZY ARSE OVA "ERE, WE'ZE GOT WORK TA DO..."

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So, if we add orks to Rage...

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...i want one, boss

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You guys forget the one thing that will make him faster.

The one thing that WILL make him faster.

And lovingly feared by Orks across the far-flung galaxies because their laws have turned against them by the Emperor's Will.

He has to be painted red.

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Ork-centric game
>Keeping the momentum of the assault for WAAAGH! abilities/buffs/regens
>Crumpan, lootan, craftan
>Needs mor' dakka-an

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>The answer is: It doesn't matter if you can win, you do it anyway.

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Thank you /tg/.

I though nobody would like it.


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Can you add that to your dA account when it's done? it's too beautiful to be simply lost.

Captcha: teasan every
Indeed captcha, indeed.

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If there are any drawfags here, I'd like to request a pic of a female tech priest hugging a gigantic glowing plasma gun/cannon like it's the love of her life.

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