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Sup /tg/ - I miss you all. I love you all. I've had people beg me to restart the soviet tank commander quest or the dictatorship of zanzia quest. Either picking up from my oldest sup/tg/ archive or rebooting clean.

So, I'll ask you all. Do you want the games back? Shall I start anew?

-Dictator Quest (Island, Afrika, Balkans? 1960s-2010s)
-Insurgent Quest (Rise up for the people!)
-Tank Commander Quest
-Something military

I'd love to start doing something for you all again, I just am curious as to your current interests.


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So would this be properly called Dictator 2 Quest?

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Fuck Yeah Zanzia!
I've been waiting since last week for this.

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What you have listed as Zanzia Quest is actually called Dictator Quest.
Schedule: 14:00 on Tuesdays
Play as President-for-Life of the Republic of Zanzia, a fictional West African nation in the grips of a civil war.
Pic is how the game has progressed.

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It's alright, GL. At least you let us know what happened and you haven't abandoned it yet.
I hope you get better soon.

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Good to know you're feeling better, Grand Leader.
Around what time can we expect you on Tuesday?

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Oh yeah, Dictator Quest is fun. And I'm not saying it in the Dorf sense.

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->>17790080 Zones and everything about them, approved and being implemented.

-Limited river access granted to media.

-Wild Fire 3 has started, this time near to farms. May have been man made accidentally...a few farms have gone up in flames, fire fighters are dealing with it.

-Ghana Flu 2.0 resurfaces in Ghana.

-AIDs cure has been announced, pushing the "cure tank" direction so we have to set up our own facilities in other nations, operate them, etc. to prevent stealing of tech. At operational costs + 30% profit (which is very minimal, but on a scale of this, is huge income source for us.) Upon announcement and published results of human tests from NeoTekz; nearly every African nation has contacted us and offering to pay for the treatment of their citizens. UN, WHO, Russia, and EU would like to see it in action to see if it meets their safety regulations. US has denounced us as a scam group preying upon the week and needy with fake science.

-Europe has began asking for NeoTekz to return. They are not going to at this time, though perhaps some offices using foreign population to bring us income on "safe' projects might be in order?

-continued with US incident-

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Or multiple-personality disorder... I'm good with OP being GL and players being the chamber staff or what-not.


-ELECTION! You have won Grand Leader Xavier! Was it ever in doubt?

-NeoTekz ZIA Investigation: European Union did not like the fact that NeoTekz had not told them about research in Zanzia. While EU is unaware of what they're doing - they saw it as tax evasion from a scam corporation.

-Drought seems to be weakening as some regions receive limited rain fall. UN/AU support is helping solve the humanitarian aspects of this as well.

-Ghana Flu research shows it is a naturally evolved strain.

-Liberia says that this strains our peaceful relationships, and that obviously the rebels lie... Russia and China denounce Liberia.

-WORLD NEWS! United States has redeployed its fleet towards Iceland, three carrier battle groups along with a Canadian fleet. European Union NATO nations are contemplating abandoning the US before they do something stupid for Canada's sake. Russia denounces the United State's actions in supporting Canada over this destroyer incident.

-NeoTekz has had a break through! In researching the Ghana Flu, they have figured out how best to apply nanites to the human body. A cure for AIDs is around the corner. NeoTekz requests we keep silent.

-The 3 remaining fishermen have been found on a beach, dead from gunshots. The dead pirates have Liberian paperwork on them. These were not Ghana.

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-Black Superman has agreed to a public meeting, in front of the people, where he will be awarded a special position as a one-man government sponsored police fighter and not be part of any "police force."

-Brush Fire has gotten out of control and is burning into already desperate crops! Russia has sent a fire-fighting plane along with some AU support as well. They will arrive this month, but fires burn much faster than planes can traverse continents...

-NeoTekz accepts the deal and promises quiet results within 5 months to 12 months on the Oil. The Ammo Production box is ready to go. As for efficiency, you feed it any matter. It disassembles it and re-assembles it into the matter you need within this 14'' cube. It will not operate outside it. Theoretically speaking, you could fill it with sand and it would produce a box of ammunition... the exact process is guarded by them. They assure us it is safe.

-US response on the sub was that the crew needed fresh air, and reminds you international waters are, international.

-TV Producers have picked up. One set even claims to have the "real" black superman. They are currently out shooting a pilot of Superman stopping the brush fires. Audiences eagerly await.

-Russia has offered (again) to meet our further military needs in exchange for an open military alliance, and hidden research facility.

-Rebels! A rebel has surrendered to our armed forces. He claims they are armed with a mix of old-regime weapons and new American equipment via Libya. He is offering up more information in exchange for a pardon, and a high end rent/tax/utilities free apartment in the capital.

-Iran accuses us of supporting America because we would not supply them engineers for repairing their oil fields! Russia doesn't give a single fuck however.

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