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Hive Primaris. Once the foothold of the entire secessionist movement, it belongs to the Daemon Prince Haas'tur. Clouds gather ominously over the tainted spires, as hordes amass below in the streets, ready to the meet the gathering armies with glee. Those who were once known as the 842nd Cadian Shock Troopers Regiment have been, twisted, perverted, and irreversably corrupted. Their bodies host a thousand different mutations. Skin like scales, bulbous eyes, feathers protruding all over the body, foot long dual tongues, avian eyes, feline eyes, canine eyes, eyes of all sorts popping up over the skin.

The mutations wrought on these once good men had not only warped body, but also mind. Instead of taking away years of combat experience, Haas sought to contort it. The brains of the mutated Guardsmen are now hardwired to enjoy combat, as if it were a drug. The euphoria of killing their former allies brings nothing but sadistic joy to the Guardsmen. Among the ranks of the soldiers were civilians unlucky enough not to be claimed in Haas' ascension. In a few scattered number were Horrors of Tzeentch, and other miscellenous daemons of the warp. Around Primaris, reality had met warp. Already the land lie tainted with daemonic growth. Here, the daemons could be stabilized.

An army of thousands of mutants and daemons, all arrayed for the defense of Haas'tur's new fortress.
Coming slowly ever closer was the ad-hoc force of Guardsmen. Leading the way are the combined Basilisk batteries of all regiments, with the soaring Valkyries of the Elysian 287th. Behind them, an armoured wall made up primarily of the Drusian 1st Crusaders, but along with them are the armoured elements of all regiments still remaining. Behind that, is a seemingly endless wave of men, transports, and supplies. The coming battle will be one not to be soon forgotten...

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In our Rogue Trader game we came across a pattern of lasgun called Storm Lasguns. They were made during the DAOT but we couldn't find an STC. Thankfully our borderline Heretek Explorator reversed engineered it, made it look like an STC printout, and we gave it to the Lathes for all the money.

I wanted to make it a weapon they could grab in Only War. I made the stupid decision of not explaining this on the FFG forums and just made some half-baked fluff to go along with the gun.

Anyways. Tell me what you guys think.

Storm Lasgun (Class: Basic Range: 75m S/2/4/ DAM: 1d10+4 PEN: 1 Clip: 30 RLD: Full SPECIAL: Overheats, Storm Wt.: 4.5 Availability: Extremely Unique)

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I'm getting myself a lascannon and be the best sniper ever.

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