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Mission team:
1. Chapter Master - Ironhaunt + Bolt pistol
2. Brother Sergeant Argos - Powerfists
3. Brother Lakentos - Storm bolter
4. Brother Viordan - Storm bolter
5. Brother Asker - Chainsword + Bolt pistol
6. Brother Ciograd - Meltagun
7. Brother Darew - Powerfist + Chainsword
8. Brother Hull - Rocket Launcher
9. Brother Xanderos - Meltagun
10. Brother Massar - Storm Bolter
11. Brother Filar - Dual Bolt pistols

You will use 7 suits of armour that you have found on Sygma-477 and 4 unmarked suits of armour from your armoury.

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So I am reading a warhammer book and when it mentions a Marine reloading I start to think
Where the fuck do they keep extra magazines or their sidearms?
Every picture I see of a Marine is just them in solid power armor with no ammo pouches or grenade Belts or holsters.
Also Warhammer thread because this shit is awesome.

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Rolled 47

It was just for these two specific engagements. I forgot about the previous casualties, so you may roll extra 2d10 for recovered power armours and extra d10+7 for geneseed.

You have no way of measuring it, but you believe that enemy forces are deserting their leaders. One last major victory against their forces in Novomark might be all that is needed to crush them once and for all.

Unfortunately, people in your care are mostly women, children and elderly people whe weren't able to hide themselves when you ordered to leave for the hiding spots. You manage to recruit a mere d10 x 100 soldiers, however having few recruits means that you can equip them with the best equipment available. These soldiers will have the equivalent of equipment to Imperial Guard shock infantry.
Please roll d100 for the success of Hannah Dossar and her engagement with the enemies at the Green Belt. Rolling for enemy maneouvres.

Mountains are not your favourite battlefield, but this time it's not your choice where to meet the enemy. However your impressive strategical insight allowed you to deepstrike your best warriors from the 1st Company, including your Terminators, to the rear of enemy positions. When Chapter Master leads the attack on the enemy, it's like a thunder out of clear sky - unexpected, swift and deadly. Your forces, combined with Kronos' force and his armour, are enough to break enemy resistence within hours. Your combat doctrine, which emphasises tight, strong formations that crush the enemy with superior force, proves to be very well suited to the mountain passes of the Krodian mountain range. Your terminators work together with your marines to simply roll over the enemy lines, killing and maiming everyone in their way. Especially impressive is the performance of the repaired Fortress of Vengeance. Wherever it rolls, rocks crumble and jungle instantly turns into a plain.

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Final roll 18, First three are taken(See second post for more info)
You don't quite know when you started it, you just become aware that you are hummin away at one of the many working hymns of the Imperium as you push aside yet another branch, its a good one one of your favorites. You remember it well, it was sung by most workers on the ship as they toiled away at what-ever their task was at the time, when a particualry large working team started it could echo through several decks, they where no real lyrics to it - some would call, others would answer. Deciding it might help you, you call out "The dirt is all trampled and green is the road." it echos empty and you quickly abashed realise none of you companions probably know what it it is, being silly planetborns, so you answer it yourself moments later "And our toil is running-randy-dyi-ho" another verse springs to mind already, and soon Angeline casts in her voice with your own at the answers, the heavier voices of the boys coming in soon after.

It raises your spirits to be working in union, and your steps begin to hit the ground in rythm, becoming more important to keep the song going, then worry about how far you've got to go. It is in this manner you reach the final landmark as the last rays of sunlight begins to fade behind the horrison. It had been hard to miss, even amongst the trees running alongside the slopes - it was a cliff on the "hill" you'd been climing, you're not sure it could be called that, but you'd recon you where higher up then the scholia at the moment. Your throat dry from the singing and your feet aching inside your boots. Accoring to the map, there'd be a cave somewhere at the base of that jugged mass of stone cutting out from the otherwise smooth hill like an arrow dug into the ground. You've got this far, your singing doing a lot of brighten the mood.. you'll remember that.


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going to largest tourny in Canada in a week, trying to iron out a competitive 1600pt list.

tell me what you think please.

Space Wolves, Warmaster's 2013 Singles


Wolf Lord > 235
-thunderwolf mount
-power fist
-storm shield
-wolf tooth necklace
-2x Fenrisian wolves
-wolf tail talisman

Rune Priest > 100


Grey Hunter Pack > 185
-10 models
-2x plasma gun
-wolf banner
-in Rhino (35 pts)

Grey Hunter Pack > 175
-10 models
-2x flamers
-wolf banner
-in Rhino (35 pts)

Grey Hunter Pack > 180
-10 models
-2x melta gun
-wolf banner
-in Rhino (35 pts)

Wolf Scouts >130
-6 models
-5x meltabombs
-melta gun

Fast Attack

Thunderwolf Cavalry > 325
-5 models
-2x storm shield
-power weapon (axe)

Heavy Support

Long Fang Pack >140
-6 models
-5 missile launchers

Predator >165
-lascannon turret
-lascannon sponsons
total: 1600 pts

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Didnt realize there was a thread for this.

Thoughts/critique on my (WIP) 40k tourny list?

Going to be used for biggest tourny in Canada, I'm trying to be competitive.

Hint: I've played this game for 9 years and I still suck.

I haven't played with the list yet but I foresee it being a glass cannon. My 2 hitters is the wolf lord with the thunderwolves and then I have a drop pod with the terminator priest + the wolf guard. The wolf guard with the cyclone gets attached to the long fangs for extra fire power and armour and the naked rune priest goes with the long fangs too just to cast Divination signature spell every turn so I reroll shooting misses. Then I have the droppod coming down with the boxing squad to punch you in the face repeatedly with 7 powerfists. The wolf lord I think will be a rape machine considering he alone has base 5 attacks at strength 10 but I have a feeling I don't have enough fodder and I will get ripped apart trying to make contact.

Space Wolves 1600pts Warmaster's 2013 V.1

Wolf Lord
>thunderwolf mount
>power fist
>Warrior born
>belt of Russ

Rune Priest
>terminator armour

Rune Priest

Wolf Guards
>8 models
>8 power fists
>1 in terminator armour w/cyclone launcher
>in drop pod

Grey Hunters
>10 models
>1 melta gun, 1 plasma gun
>razorback w/heavy bolters

Grey Hunters
>10 models
>1 melta gun, 1 plasma gun
>razorback w/las

Thunderwolf Cavalry
>4 models
>1 storm shield

Long Fangs
>6 models
>5 missile launchers

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You sight, this area have been locked down good enough for now... you've held, but with your knee in this shape moving much longer is going to wear you down.. so you begin the trek back to the crates, soon sliding into the welcoming embrace of the tight boxes.

You don't feel up to the task of looking through every single on of the downed kids - especially since a few of them are rather exposed, still - the once in your section of the fort are on the way back, you contemplate dragging them for added protection but the idea of leaving the walls support sends a shiver up your spine - still, looking over the boys "corpses" you find that one of them had a small knife in his pocket - which for now, you decide to liberate, it might come in handy with the way you keep getting shot up - having no clue about the energy level of your gun (and remembering the one boy talking about running low you also swap your gun out.. but you keep it around for now, just.. tucking it away inside your jacket.

Now you wait.. moments trickle by, minutes - soon you notice the sun setting bellow the horizon, shrouding you in complete darkness, all around you slowly the crackling sound of laz fire begins to die down to the occasional sputter before going out completely...

>What do we do?

>Get up, find way back to starting area.. class must be over soon.
>Get up, walk in trench, find out what is up.. may be a trick? Ambush?
>Wait, your boxes have served you well.


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Moments later they exit again, dragging a .. man between them - his head covered from sight by a brown bag, the man made no attempt to escape his bond as he was forced on the ground in front of you, the two oafs quickly goes to work on putting him in a kneeling position, facing away from the "Commissar" and the rest of you - towards the ditches "This man was found wanting in the service of the emperor, and by forsaking his post to fornicate with his own personal interest left us all in peril - as such he's sentenced to death, as his continual existence is an affront to us all" - and at this, the man unbuckles his holster - you notice the heavy black item inside as it slides into the air, and comes to rest next to his face - a long crude barrel, a sinister looking skull on its side glaring back at you from between the wings of an aquila

"By the power vested in me, in the name of the Imperium - I hereby find you wanting before emperor gaze, for cowardess in the line of duty I sentence you to death" he states, each word seemingly carried by the wounds around him as he lowers the gun, pressing it against the mans neck, hidden behind the brown bag. He nods to the burly men and they drag it off, revealing the face of a young man, tears tricking down his face as he looks onto the ground with hollow eyes, he could not have been much more then fourteen you panic to yourself before his face suddenly deforms, a sickening "crack" goes of as the Commissar finger tightens around his trigger, his head seems to burst before you, as all life fades from his flesh, the man collapsing into a pile as a pink fluid begins to flow out from what remains of his mouth - the upper part blasted away by the beam of light, that seemed to pass as soon as it came, leaving only a straight hole from neck to face - both his eyeballs are still there, one have popped, its substance running out next to the fluid - the other fared better, resting, looking at you, with a cold intense gaze


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If memory serves, .998 for Marines, .75 for IG.

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Ok, let's start equipment, artifacts and loot art thread. Just random interesting items that your PC's might find somewhere, no matter whether it's the Sword of Thousand Suns or just a purse with three coins and a shopping list.

I am mostly interested in DH-suitable stuff, but as 40k is really versatile, everything from fantasy to cyberpunk is welcome. Except dildoes. Srsly.

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note to self, to piss off /tg/ mention mat ward and end the thought with XD

by the way I heard mat ward is doing the Dark angel codex isnt that just super awesome XD

god you guys are more sensitive them /v/

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i like this one

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Brother Asten - Explosives specialist - Ghosts of Retribution
Wields Autocannon

Brother Vectus - Loremaster - Imperial Fists
Wields Long-las

Brother Dilion - Tracker&Scout - Ultramarines
Wields Lond-las

Your personal inventory:
Exitus rifle
2 Frags
1 Krak

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You manage to find a safe spot, where you continue to wait for status quo to change. For now, time is your ally - your superhuman regeneration is slowly doing it's work.

+1 HP

For some time you can hear the sound of combat, as gladiators continue slaughtering each other, but you no longer hear sniper's shots, he's either dead or waiting for you.

You also notice, that scores of Dark Eldar are leaving the arena, however they are too far to understand their motivations.

Do you continue to sit in cover or go for it?

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Also please bear in mind, that this ammo is collective, it is also also used by titans, aircraft, common soldiers, tanks, navy, airstrikes, etc.

What do you do goddamit!? 15 people in the chat and my posts make up more than 50% of the thread. I will start ignoring the chat if it will continue like this.

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Elegion's profile.
Expected events added.

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It's from 2nd edition, I believe. Like, early to mid 90's.

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Ok /tg/, I waltzed into my FLGS today and after a short conversation with the owner discovered that GW is in-fact going to replace some of their metal blisters with high-quality plastic/resin, he assured me this wasn't just a rumour anymore as he'd received some sort of message from GW alerting him of this and to buy-in/stock the new range which will be out (eventually). (apparently they're a premium stockist or something, I was too busy contemplating converting shiny (well matt actually) new models)

Now that's great and all, but it will also raise the prices of some blisters, and make some mail-order only, so a mixed blessing.

and lastly, was this man telling the truth or was he just trying to convince me to buy metal blisters?

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How's that 5+ save workin' out for ya?

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