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Cry more faggot.

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>mfw all the salty Guardfags triggered by 'Astartes'
>m-muh BS4+ weapons teams

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>objective studio canon

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Too bad he didn't practiced what he preached!

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Yeah like all the rest of you slimy autistic fucks, no thanks. I'll stick to THE best Legion.

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This is what Ultramarines do with captured Night Lords.

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>Gets nailed in the side by an autocannon
oh no, a S7 AP -1 weapon, how on earth did his armour protect him from a single hit from such lethal firepower?!

It spanked off his pauldron too, which on a marine is pretty much the thickest piece of armour they're wearing.

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Help fa/tg/uys

Used to play chaos in 7th, between chaos daemon flying circus (infernal tetrad + kairos), khorne daemonkin, slaanesh daemons, tzeentch daemons with Magnus, etc

Haven't played 8th at all, looks fun and I like that it seems more balanced. Also seems like the psyker phase got neutered and chaos daemons became a lot less random and fun and customizable.

So first question, are chaos daemons still good? Specifically daemon prince, greater daemon, monster mash/ flying circus style lists?

Also, new 1k sons and Death Guard models look sexy asf, leaning more towards DG since psykers aren't as fun (broken) as in 7th but which is better right now?

I love chaos, love the models, and I'm not total WAAC but I like to play armies with strong synergies that can go toe to toe with WAAC lists. What's the best thing to play in chaos for this right now? I like all the gods so any theme i can work with but I really like when chaos daemons and csm work together ala daemonkin style armies.

Thanks fags

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> Guilliman was able to teach his sons this kinda shit
> Didn’t have to murder a percentage of his forces to do it
> He even created a better version of Perty’s Tyrant Squads

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gentlemen I made this thread with the sole intention of seeing how far the meme pic could carry the thread.

and it's worked great. So many times I've contemplated joining the fray, making a comment to bump the thread and see what happens. Im glad I didnt.

Fun times friends. Great conversation, great shitposting.

Tau are better.

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Oh boy I like it

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For the Emperor's Finest Lawn

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Removing the 3rd dimension.
1. increase range to such an extent you will hardly ever fight over 2 vectors(LOGH).
2. location fiat, battles in areas with very limited navigable space
3. gentlemens agreements(lol)
4. make it only a board game(BFG looking at you kid)
5. humans shake their perception terribly, all aligning up in the same axis when in formation, and then attacking together in such a fashion(Battle Room in Enders Game)
6. dont explain it, just do it, justify it with fun, ease of rules, ect

Its very hard to justify 2d, in the most 3d environment you can have, when you are not making a game. Games only depict it this way as it becomes exponentially more complex to accurately use 3d in anything more than 1 ship, 1st or 3rd person games. Controlling more than 1 ship in a 3d space would give people headaches.

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Eldar girls are better. I would prefer plastic aspect warriors to bolster my chapter.

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Brother Cato, please, calm down. Why don't you have a glass of water and go nap a bit. Also, for ultra relaxation, keep your left hand in this bowl of warm water during while you sleep.

Your mind will be clearer after some well deserved rest and you can continue to serve the Emperor as his finest warrior!

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Has any sci-fi setting ever been improved by the prequels?

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>mfw traitor fag tries to charge my gravhammer list

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Another one.

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>You can ask a straight question on FB page

Like an hour ahead of you.
Read it and the rules lawyer in me was triggered so hard.

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