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>Setting the burial ground, and applying illusions, wards and active mind-affecting spells to go off to get people to avoid the area so they don't disturb the resting place
>Creating minions that will sew meat into the ground in the place your buried over a yearly period
>Drinking nothing but milk and eating dairy on the day you kill yourself and bury yourself underground, Speeds up decay, initially, you may want to give yourself an enema of milk as a bonus, but you might rot away before the worms can get to you and feat on your evil magical energies (12 month lasting rotting is reduced to 6 months

The primary idea is burying yourself in a place of supreme evil, attracting worms to fresh healthy soil, creating minions to oversee your burial and maintenance, and lastly dying. In truth it's really something of a gardener's job next to a magical ritual. And of course, the burial pot preparations with blood and meat, and having a full uncast spellbook (to increase ones chances, wear nothing but spellslot increasing equipment)

On the subject of random Worms that walk, it's strongly possible they may be caused by the purging of evil cults and sects to evil, simply left to rot of their own accord, situations like these may result in Spawn of Kyuss at lower levels though.

Oh right, worms that walk are aberrations, not undead. This is down to the fact that they're based on something from a Hastur story in which a chapel to the yellow king was full of wizards that weren't cremated and their magical energies brought them back in that fashion.

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>The party encounters the final boss
Whats their theme /tg/?

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>Wanting to be with anyone whose qualities are akin to one of the guilds.

I have been with enough batshit crazy psychos to know that all of you are retarded.

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tl;dr, a Titan who was killed in cold blood and got straight back up as a Worm that Walks in enact his revenge against the Totally Not Anor Londo rulers.

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pic related, that's Kyuss levelling your players pussy-ass fortress.

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I think Elder Evils has a chart for this kind of stuff,
the only thing I can remember right now is Blood Red Moon.
Also, check out GURPS Y2K, it is full of apocalypse ideas and shit

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Any class is fun so long as you have a solid idea of what you want to play. Think of a character concept before mechanics.

For example....I want to play a Viking from the frigid northlands, a hunter-gatherer type. Well then you have choices, you can play a nimble character who can use a variety of environments and skills to his advantage such as a Ranger, or harness the inner rage of a Barbarian.

Visualize your character, how they fight, what they're like, and how you want them to grow as a character before you even look at the mechanics.

That's how you have fun and encourage roleplay, otherwise it just leads to min-maxing bullshit, and instead of having an adventure...you end up with the typical murderhobo behavior that gives these systems a bad name.

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Welp, there's the Worm-That-Walks to end them all, the Wormgod Kyuss. It's a start for ya.

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An entire cabal of evil wizards who have combined themselves into a colossal Worm that Walks with all the power you would expect from such a horrendous amalgamation.

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>Worm That Walks thread
>Only one mention of the Wormgod
>No pictures

FTFY, guys.

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Sup, /tg/

I haven't been on this board in a long time and haven't been keeping up with things. What is /tg/'s general consensus on the D&D 5.0 playtest rules?

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Hey /tg/, I'm running a Mage: The Ascension campaign and my PCs were shot off into the Umbra last game session by a Nephandic beast. Give me some cool ideas for an Umbral Realm. Pic is unrelated, but still pretty cool.

also WoD General.

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So /tg/, I implemented a twist on the epic 6 rules (modified a bit for Pathfinder already) where each player rolls 3d100. They pick two of these numbers, one determines their level cap (square it, round down), the other is their rate of leveling (divide by 10, square it, round down). The higher the better, but the best natural result you can get is 10 and fast EXP growth. Someone lucky enough to get 10 can roll 1d20-10 and add that value to their level cap but it's a very risky gamble.

Even if this unbalances the party powerlevels, they have no major objections to it since my DMing style puts more emphasis on planning and roleplay than the d20, just to get that out of the way.

What I'm stuck on however, is that I don't know how I should allow for increases to someone's level cap. The party levels of power aren't too uneven but the caps of 5/5/8/10 means that eventually two of them will be miles ahead of the others in their capabilities.

Any suggestions? I'd rather not just hand them out since that completely defeats the purpose.

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I did it once. I introduced my group of friends to 3.5 and tabletop in general with the Age of Worms campaign. All but one of them were completely new to it.

It was as wacky as you could expect at first, but now we have several campaigns ongoing and others in planning, so I guess I did something right.

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Emphasis on big

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Considering it's an epic level template, 100 damage isn't that unreasonable. If anything it evens the playing field between players and high-CR monsters who can knock off entire stats with a single hit.

The Pathfinder template is much less powerful though at CR+2.

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Elder Evils/Super Horrors/Lovecraft general.

Anyone else integrating Cthulhu-like elements into your games? I have a D&D Planescape game going, and adding Cthulhu elements have been a lot of fun. Mind flayers and Tsochari are creepy as fuck.

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