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Captains Log, Day 200

The time nears, I have made all the preparations I could, the location of tortuga is know to me now, I have the hold of the Athena filled with enough supplies to make the trip as well as filles with all the extra hands we can fit. Every nook that can fit a body has been filled and upon the shore line all those who have been paid are prepared. Their weapons ready, and the spells cast. Norringtons flagship awaits in the harbor and many of the crew has become indisposed by a bad case of food poisoning. Supplies await in large numbers at a hidden location down the coast, should everything go well I shall have more than I ever took in my previous world.

Captains Log, Day 201

A squall blows in, larger and darker than any seen in these parts in many years, the port is shut down and all holds are battened shut. Luckily my men have already become part of the crew on many of the prized ships. This is what I have prepared everyone for, paid so much and silenced any who would make their voices known to those I disapprove of. The Athena pulls alongside the Dauntless, with most of her crew indisposed she is an easy target, my men greet the officer on duty as I transfer over my own men to his ship, Reinforcements and replacements, to keep the strength of this ship in this troubled time. This would not have held in my world but here with my current identity and the state of the men on the ship the officer believes me with no question. Poor bastard, he had no idea he would be dead by the time the storm blew over.

With a ship full of the sick, the storm, and my own men being well and able to follow my orders the shipmen of the dauntless die quietly. The storm hides any noise and those upon the shore are none the wiser. Those upon lesser ships have their orders, come morning we shall count our earnings in true.

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I ask because this ship shown looks like this full sail.

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Uncharted waters, pirates of the carribean, one piece, sunless sea is sorta, muppet treasure island, and assassins creed.. I wish we had more honestly.

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