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I've got the old Epicast Falcon... Looks like a wedge of cheese... also looks like it was cast in soft cheese as well...

I possibly shouldn't have painted it Yellow.

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So from what I've gathered, here's the deal

>Rebels are democratic, but firebombed civilians
>Government is pretty corrupt and racist, but dere de gubermend
>You support rebels, other guy supports government
>Absolutely no-fucking-body supports the firebombing
>Due to this consensus, it's necessary to kill each other
>He attacks you first, you knock him out and go out of your way to make sure he doesn't die
>He gets up and immediately blindsides you
>You fuck him up again, and after a lengthy discussion he pretty much gives you the green light to kill his character
>Which you kinda have to do to even have breathing space at this point
>Guy won't back down about trying to kill you

Now, I can't work out if this extends to a player conflict instead of just a character one, but short of a major intervention from a third party (the brother or the GM), this game is getting fucked up over the fact that there is, essentially, NO CONFLICT OF OPINION IN REGARDS TO THE FIREBOMBING.

Which is really fucking stupid.

You've got three options. 1)GM or brother finds a way to get you chucklefucks to deal with the whole firebombing issue without coming to blows. 2) Somebody makes a new character 3) You find another game before it becomes pic related.

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>this is how I drivers test.

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Wow, the economy must be really bad if you're seriously considering putting fucking D&D on your resume to "put down everything you've got"

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