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Can we get a D&D character art thread going? Need some new inspiration for a new campaign I will be playing. All I know is that it is gonna be set in an arid desert place so I would love some art that kinda went with that. Really wouldn't mind any art though, I'll dump some of what I have.

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Your party isn't lopsided.

Paladin has decent healing for its level, and is solid on its own.

Monk is most powerful at low-levels by its standard setup, and Qingong can help it get along later.

Ninja has 8+int mod skills per level and is in prime position to be a skill-monkey.

Bard support is excellent, and you can potentially have a bit more healing or damage depending on how you want to play.

You literally have a Warrior/Thief/Cleric/Mage combo team, just not made up of the more powerful classes for them.

If you're dead-set on needing to end things faster, I'd ask the DM for permission to port the spell Inspirational Boost, which lets you burn a 1st level spell to add +1 to your Inspire Courage. +2 to hit and damage at low levels is pretty solid.

You could ask the Paladin to stow the shield and go for two-hand weapon fighting (1.5x strength mod to damage instead of 1x) until you see for sure that he needs the extra AC buff.

Your Ninja is at level 2, so that's probably 1d4+1d6 damage per hit. At level 3 that's going to jump to 1d4+2d6 per hit.

If you want the Monk to deal more damage, Enlarge him. He'll take a hit to AC because of his size, and the dex penalty, but in return he'll gain more strength and his unnarmed strikes hit as one size larger.

Or for that matter, Enlarge the Paladin too; his weapon dice would improve too, so 1d8 longsword would be 2d6 large longsword.

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I'll see what I can do

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>that fucking image

But seriously, OP, if your group thinks half-gnome half-halflings should be a thing, just make it so. Churn out a hybrid racial stat block based on the two parent races. Look to half-elf and half-orc as examples for how the system prefers to do this.

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Can someone please answer a question for me about Pathfinder? I'm one session in to my first game.

When it says I get +4 STR for going into rage, does that mean it just increases my strength, or I get a temporary +4 STR modifier?

The difference of course being that if it's just strength increase I'm getting +2 to my rolls, whereas if it's modifier I get +4 to my rolls.

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Hey y'all,

So, I've got the wild urge to roll a full-blooded Orc for my buddy's D&D game he's running, the difficulty in that being that we have a "common sense" houserule that in playing things like an orc, drow, or a goblinoid that you're for the most part going to be shot on sight.

Now, I was thinking of having him work as a smarter than average highwayman/mercenary who tells people he's a human who pissed off a wizard and was polymorphed into an orc as to build a modicum of trust.

His work ethic on the other hand makes him fit in well to a Guy Ritchie movie: he's a professional highwayman/robber without a crew. He doesn't want one, he works better alone. But he's clever enough to know that some jobs are too big for just himself, so he'll get himself roped into some local crew, watch them work like a bunch of amateurs, and then kill them when the job is done.

The problem I'm having is figuring out a plausible way to make a full-blooded that damn socialized. Was he chucked out of his clan? Was he raised by non-orcs? Where both his parents half-orcs and he won the shitty genetic lottery? I need some ideas that aren't very Mary Sue.

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oh ok cool

anything you can share?

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Rolled 2, 1 = 3

I'm still working through the intricacies of the character, but this is spot on. I rolled him up and then went back to see if I wanted to change anything and realized it was basically straight up my personality/traits. I'm going to go through and retool him completely.

I chose RP because the other two people are confirmed for playing a warden and fighter (i was going to go with monk).

i wanted to be able to take care of them as well, without being the default healfag

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Gotta leave, luckily it seems you found something.

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They.. dont have a theme. They don`t even know each other. We will be meeting up for the first time next week. This is why this feels so surreal.

How exactly is two moon Elves, one Drow and Sea-Elf a theme? Especially with the Drow?

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>before anyone realizes what the fuck he's doing, he shouts a prayer to his god, Melora asking for a boon, and throws the coins into the sea as an offering, and he roles a ~14 on religion without being prompted to roll
>parties face is what in the fuck
>DM's face is what in the fuck
>the half orc looks to the sea, when suddenly a fish swims to the surface and spits up one of the coins, which the half-orc hastily grabs
>before a word can be said, he races back to the shop
>party follows, wondering what in the fuck hes doing
>he begins knocking with fervor, and bellows
>Parties fucking face
>Dms fucking face
>Finally, the shopkeeper begrudgingly opens the door half asleep, takes the coin, and yells at him saying to grab one off the wall and get the fuck outta his shop
>the half-orc players fucking face of glee as he claims his fucking price.

Pic related, i'm guessing he was inspired by this at some point whether conscious or not.

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Rogarr ______[still need a surname]
A Half-Orc Barbarian. hailing from a desert region that hunts witches. Min-maxed to have 21 AC [4e] at level 1 without armor, so prone to running into fights in various states of disrobe. Has a huge Fullblade and a couple of throwing tridents too. Hates witches and mages (who misuse magic) and demons, and his first question upon meeting potential companions is always "Are you a witch?" accompanied by an arcana check to detect magic, which is always great because he has a -1 in it.

Also the sneakiest member of the party because of his hunter profession, was discovered naked because the less clothes you wear the stealthier you are. Wears a purple turban or shemagh because purple is the stealthiest color.

Prone to brawling, just defeated an entire drunk crew of sailors in a tavern brawl on a whim, and has no earned himself a spot on the famed admiral's crew who has a fucking sword that shoots lightning the only thing that stopped Rogarr from challenging the captain to a duel for leadership and dominance.

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Now THAT I can do.

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