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>I want to be an half orc rape baby
>Orc's doesn't exist in this setting
>But I want to play as a orc rape baby

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You're a bad DM and you should feel bad. Nobody wants to play a paladin with a DM primary concern is "LOL I'M GONNA RUIN YOUR CHARACTER!"

Go back to Pathfinder and keep your cancer out of 5e.

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Lets do this.
>Play at LGS
>Playing a campaign I really dislike but only stick with it cause of friends
>Every week a new guys shows up, then leaves after a while
>This time around some highschooler in the early grades
>Takes about an hour to set up characters for the new guys
>The kid makes a cannibal
>I think it was a tiefling fighter or warlock
>Says he based it off his OC
>"What character is the OC from?"
>Oh god no its going to be one of those players
>Before the arena fight
>We decide to try and make some allies for the arena fight as we were told its a free for all
>Cannibal kid asks a random NPC
>Random NPC just hates him cause whatever
>NPC says to point his friends out (us)
>Cannibal kid does knowing full well
>The rest of the team says shit but doesn't matter cause DM lied about it being a free for all
>We go into the arena fight
>something 500 people are in the arena
>Have to work together to fight a level 12 dreadnought
>Cannibal kid "I want to attack the weakest looking guy"
>Of course the DM makes it a ice mage and the whole team gets hit with an ice cone.

Then the season ended. Most of the season was based getting ready to enter the arena. Next week happened and we got the other DM (two DM's rotate on a weekly basis)

>Cannibal kid shows up
>We say its a new campaign so roll up a new character
>Makes another cannibal character
>He really is one of those players making another cannibal
>Human I think? Can't remember
>New characters are introduce after an orc band raided the village from last game
>Cannibal kid see's the dead human body
>Starts eating its leg in front of us
>DM says you are now eating the leg with everybody watching you
>Continues to do his thing
>Another PC (my character wasn't their at the time) attacks Cannibal kid in disgust.
>That gets the kid to stop.
>A little banter goes on about what happened

He didn't show up again after that. Seemed to be the lolsorandumb type.

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Faux """News""" is never acceptable.

In b4 /pol/.

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Let's fucking hope so...

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Using tabletop groups as a dating service is always a bad idea.

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You think this is new and unique.

It's not. I have already seen so many people play militant fem-nazi drow cos "LOL FEMALE DOMINATED SOCIETY SO ORIGINUL!"

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>Smitebot paladin
>Edgelord "loner"
>The rogue who thinks it's funny to steal everything even if it puts the whole party at risk for little gain
>The "dude with boobs" swordgirl
>The "timid quiet waifu fantasy" mage girl/healer
>The dumb as bricks orc/other subhuman brawler

That covers most of them I can't think of off the top of my head.

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B-B-But Anon! Generic! Boring! Faceless! main characters are what Sword Art Online is all about!
Also that part about only male fighter characters being useful for anything!

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This. Any of the forums I've had good experiences on were incredibly exclusive. The second you open your doors to the public, edgelords and teenagers ruin the community.

Even the exclusive ones I used to be in eventually fell to fate, as people kept inviting their friends... who were nowhere near the level of quality as the originals.

I don;t even bother with games without rules/systems anymore. If I get the urge to write, I'll do a short story or piece of background lore for next time I GM or something, like all those books you can find in-game in Elder Scrolls games.

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Here's the thing.

Good roleplaying sites exist... and they want to CONTINUE existing. The means that they prefer to stay somewhat secret. As soon as you're known to the masses as a "good place for Roleplaying" you get the faggots and little kids from Gaia and Deviantart swarming the place with their Sues, Special Snowflakes, and Fap Fodder.

Anyone who's a member of a good RPing site and appreciates it sure as fuck isn't going to post it on 4chan of all places.

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>Players who make "joke" characters.
Yeah, it's funny for all of 5 fucking seconds. Then it just gets super obnoxious and unfunny and constantly derails the entire game. If you come to me with stupid shit like a barbarian who clubs things to death with a giant dildo, I'm tell you to never speak to me or anyone in my group ever again.

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Have you tried not living out your thinly veiled "I want to be the little girl/badass waifu" fantasies in other people's games?

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Please bare with me, this was the first ever character I had played in a table top setting before. It was a while ago so I can't really remember the name of the setting we were playing. I know it had something to do with vampires, monsters, demons and such. Also, I'm pretty sure it took place in present day. Now that I think about it, I think a friend of mine might have came up with the setting and borrowed some rules from another game and just did it that way. Anyways.

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