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>Men who look like women, a disgusting speech pattern, impractical oversized weapons, etc.

none of those things have anything to with monks. especially not oversized weapons.

they're not unique to japanese fantasy, either.

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I usually like Brandon Sanderson novels if only for their neat ass magic systems

I'd totally play a game with Mistborn or Warbreaker's magic system.

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Image related: it's how I picture Max further down the line.

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Actually, part of the game's assumption is that you're fighting the system, like Kelsier's rebels. But if you assign Strong Powers, Average Standings, Weak Attributes, then you could be a Mistborn from a noble family that's fallen on some hard times. You can totally make Shan Elarial or Zane with the rules, though they're both examples of people who have gained some experience and increased their starting stats.

It's because of guys like Orson Scott Card, who started off as awesome cool writers and turned into brain-eaten Mormon-zombies.

Alloy of Law isn't out yet, unfortunately. Crafty is notoriously slow about getting products out, so we probably won't see it until 2013 sometime. They've taken way longer than I was hoping on just getting the errata'd pdf out and the cleaned-up hardcopy of the game.

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Seconding this. Haven't read it in forever (not since around when I was 14 myself), but it was pretty awesome.

Hey, the parts that WEREN'T author tracts were pretty damn good. And the Chainfire trilogy was a pretty solid ending to the series. Redeemed it in my eyes, Naked Empire not withstanding.

>pic related to my previous post, why mistborn is awesome (and yes, it is completely explained)

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For the record, yes, this is explained logically within the rules of the universe it takes place in.

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When you're making your character, you have three categories: Attributes, Standing, and Powers. You have to assign strong, average, or weak to each category, and you get one of each. If you pick Strong Powers, you can be a Mistborn; if you pick Average Powers, you can be a Misting, a Feruchemist, or a kandra; if you pick Weak Powers, you get two extra Traits (think of them like Aspects from FATE, or like feats from d20).

If you're a Mistborn, you get all metals rated at 3 (on a 1 to 5 system). If you're a Misting, you get your one metal rated at 4 and a free Stunt (which are power-based tricks, like using a coin to do big jumps if you're a Steel-pusher). If you're a Feruchemist, you get all metals at 3 and a basic set of metalminds (which I think includes the six common metals). And if you're a kandra, you start with the Mimic power and a single starting set of bones.

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