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>relationship check
>supercrit 100
>critical 1

Ah, yes, perfect.

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Nat 20 balance check
Nat 1 reflex

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That's a lot of consecutive ones.

Nat 20 on Balance

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Natural 20 on Balance

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>I'm ready for you /tg/

>/tg/ dice rolls
>Kick him in the dick
>Blood for the Blood God

I'm almost curious as to how this would've gone without the OP challenge.

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Thread topic is IRL crits, guys.

>20 Balance
>20 Balance
>20 Balance
>20 Balance
> 1 Spot
> 1 Acrobatics

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I'm in tears.

Nat 20 balance.
Followed by a nat 1 perception.

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I don't know what's going on here but I just want to let you know that gif made my fucking day. Thank you.

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Best bet is to google seach "dark eldar codex art" in google image search, and variations of such, it's really the only way, besides downloading the codex and cutting the artwork out, that I've found the ones I've hunted.

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Like this guy?

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balance and failed reflex

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20 on Balance, 1 on Spot

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>my reaction when
She'll still sound like a dude in while in a wraith body.
She has no physical or psycological needs and hence will not feel any compusion to find LIIVI.
She'll won't be any more baddass than any other wraithlord
She'll probably be downed by a krak missile, returned again to the circuit, and refuse to comeout for a looooong time.

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at a bulletproof helicopter that probably has a full rack of hellfire rockets? Yeah, good job, you hit the vested door gunner. 180 degree turn and you are dust

also natural 20 agility
...on a test out of 21

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