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I always preffered the 2 work in progress versions of that.

The shading on the gal just seems too brutal in the final version for my tastes.

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I have a few minor folders until I get to the one with mine in it.

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"I did not betray the Imperium. The Imperium has betrayed us. Both you and me brother. Would it surprise

you to learn that I was not in the great crusades? My chapter was formed in about M36. I don't remember

who they were anymore."

He removed the vambrace on the chaplain's remaining arm, and set it aside, going to work on removing the


"I was once a chaplain like yourself, I helped my brothers stay on the path of the Emperor, and I helped

to cleanse any traces of heresy through my faith. I had been a chaplain for 200 years, almost 300 years

of service to my chapter, and the Imperium."

He pried off the pauldon, taking off the rerebrace and couter. He started to unbuckle the breastplate of

his armor.

"I was allowed to take some of our most prized relics to Holy Terra, my own pilgrimage. We had not had

one for over 100 years. I went without my armor, trusting my faith to protect me. I travelled not by

chapter ship, but as all pilgrims to Terra do. I was amongst the masses of the Imperium. As I made my

journey, I pitied them. The Imperium cared little for the people of it's empire."

He pried off the armor, and set to work un-coupling the feeds to the black carapace.

"I made it to Terra, and what I saw made me weep. Holy Terra was filled with corruption. From the lowest

scum, to the highest examples of nobility. Thousands of people died daily, crushed underneath the feet

of the Imperium, on it's holiest planet alone. Even the Emperor was nothing anymore. He was merely a

corpse on a golden chair. An idol to keep the people in line. I finally made it back to my chapter, as

the seed of doubt took root."

He finally had removed the chest piece from the chaplain, who was barely breathing at this point.

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First, let Phil Kelly or Matt Ward write it.
Second, give rules for Legions, at least in form of "chapter tactics" or special characters or something.
Third, give a lot of options, mutations, gifts of Gods.
Fourth- fix the Possessed, they have cool models, but their rules are bad. And free psy powers for Sorcerers, DPs etc. And some form of psychic defense.
Fifth- new units.

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Says the man whom fell for a Bloodletter


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You are a demon, you have been summoned by a idiotic mortal to save the life of his mortally wounded friend, What do you demand in return for your services?

The best answers will be inflicted upon my poor PC's who made the mistake of doing the above.

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Thanks, any chance of providing more pictures?

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Green alien tits: Any number of sexualized Tyranid female anthropomorphications. Not sure if want.
Red alien tits: Khornette. Fuck yeah!

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Heres a question:

As a relative novice to the 40k universe, how much of a pain/hinderance/annoyance-to-others is a relative lack of knowledge about the Imperium going to be to a person trying to play DH/RT?

As I mentioned, Imperium fluff bores me to tears, so I'm kinda nervous about the prospect of having to slog through a bunch of 'For-The-Omnissiah!' crap just to be able to play without blowing the mood.

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Khorne doesn't like daemon blood.

and seriously
Thats not doing it for you?

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...are you Ragathol, or are you just reposting his stuff? That looks new to me, and I know he's done /tg/ related things before.

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Cries of "whiteknighting" more often than not originate from grognards who deserve to have proper social etiquette beaten into them. You don't tell women who wander into the game store to go back to the kitchen.

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Good thing that's not my only weapon, then, isn't it?

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So, let's see.

Tarvus was mutated over and over again.

Doomrider lost his Daemonhood and his gender, also his bike.

Zeeny is now mortal.

Ali lost her minions and is banned from taking trips to the material world.

Alex and the other mortals are likely going to have nightmares and mutations for years to come.

...and nothing happened to me.





I'm outta here, guys. Gotta go celebrate the first lucky break I've had in years.

Have fun!

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NoOooOOooooooOO! I w-w_AnnA Ride T-tHE ponY, and I w-wANna RidE it NOW!

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Yup. See picture.
>a blow jobs out,
Only if you're a pussy.
>and do you want a pair of hands that can crush golf balls near you testicles?
A Space Marine with a Powerfist can pluck a flower without destroying it (assuming the energy field is deactivated). Sheer physical strength doesn't always come partnered with clumsiness.

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Hrm. Some female Dragonborn would be nice, and in keeping with the theme of the thread.

But your take on Khornette would also be good.

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I can have someone cut your Genitals off FOR you, although its much more fun if your in control, All i need is your current location, or for you to waste time reading this while I track you IP.

I'm going to find you, and cut it off.

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