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You never know, they might achieve a synthesis. Hegelian Dialectics

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We have records of caesar shitting on the gauls and even with a nuclear apocalypse i'm not sure it would be forgotten

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>favorite piece of lore
Everything from Fallout 1, 2, and NV. Explores post war society, cultures and whatnot very well. The story of the NCR growing from a humble tribal village to a massive empire too big for its own good is interesting, as is the Brotherhood and Emclave's story of starting mighty and being pushed into hiding because their goals dont align with the dominant power. The Legion seems lame on the surface but Caesar is arguably the most intelligent person in the wasteland, and by having his army commit warcrimes and terrorism he's basically forcing the NCR to fix all of the problems he has with their society.
>Least Favorite
Fallout 4, Fallout 76. Shooty shooty bang bang atom bomb baby lol xd get it because the game takes place in a nuclear apocalypse!!! Fuck the lore, just have things exist before their canonical creation because we're too incompetent to make anything as interesting as what Interplay and Obsidian came up with. Buy more cringy merch, faggot!
>Grey area
Fallout 3, Fallout Tactics
Tactics has cool-but-fucky lore and Fallout 3 clearly had more passion put into it than 4 because Bethesda still had something to prove back then. Fallout 3 is basically just a rehash of one and two but the setting is cool and there was at least some creativity put into it.

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Is he the dumbest leader in the Wasteland?

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Was he right about human nature?

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>Alright, why do the orcs trust him? Seriously, why the fuck would these xenophobic, savage semi-monsters trust a pinkskin when they literally use human skin to make leather hats? The fuck kind of crazy profitable deal did this guy present them, and why do they trust him on his word?

Just take some ideas from Caesar.
>give orcs reading
>military tactics and strategy
>modernize their smithing
>teach them about long term logistics planning

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Melee. Only manlets need to use guns.

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Pic obviously related

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>the NCR is bad because its based on an old world way of thinking with old world methods
>lets base our faction on an even OLDER way of thinking
What did he mean by this?

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>Bad guy is given the opportunity to speak and actually persuades the party to his side using sound pragmatic logic
bonus points if, up to this point, the party had been told the bad guy was a maniac that can't be trusted

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Caesar did nothing wrong.

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Hey, hey, hey.

Safety and security to the Wasteland. Long-term survival, at any cost.

Say what you will, but Caesar had a far better idea than NCR, only surpasses by House or Independent.

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An idiot you say? My history of conquest would say otherwise.

Enjoy when you see your factories crushed by my agents ever-present. Don't think that simply because I want to see you crushed firsthand does not mean I will play fair, let you keep your gadgets.
Then we will fight man-to-man... and who will win? You, weakened by your now-defunct army, or my Legion, advancing through the rubble of your machines?

everyone should talk to Caesar, the man is a genuis

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