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You are a golem composed of cake batter. You are in a small, dark, cramped space. You can hear muffled sounds from outside.

What do?

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I'll samefag while you guys are downloading.
Here's a Cake Golem from a /tg/ drawfag.

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This guy!

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I just like baking.

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Actors that'll work cheap. British humor.

NAME: Scouting party
TIME: Recurring campaign.
NEED: This is really a structure for a campaign, so you still need to go make the campaign.
You're in an army. You're at war. This is high fantasy, bitches. The main overriding tactic that seems to be working is to send a force into an area, construct a tower, enchant it with spell resistance, set up a scrying pool, and stick a wizard up there with a wand of fireball/lighting/disitigration/rape-you-sideways spells. With scrying for advanced warning and long-range offense spells, a tower can supress an area from any military force. With linked-portals to replenish supplies and swap personel, towers can be fully sealed, which really helped keep assasins and rogues out. Shoring up the base of the tower kept dwarven sappers from toppling the whole thing, and protects against golems for a while.
Speaking of golems, they are the obvious next step in the type of combat. Magic immunity is a giant fuck you to casters. But golems aren't that mobile. They can't be teleported around. So what traditional army there is can pop in, and provide defense against golems.
They used to build whole castles for this, but trimmed it down to one wizard's tower. The height helps with the scrying pool apparently. It also helps for lobbing fireballs into kobolds digging trenches towards you.

That's right, war has turned into a tower defense game.

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rolled 18 = 18

Hi guys, I'm a new DM with mostly new (to tabletops) players so for our first mini campaign we're keeping things simple and running pre-generated adventures in 4e. I really like this one: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/oa/20010413a

Though 3.5e should be simple to convert, I wanted your help with something else. I want to include this guy. I would base him off the Calzone Golem but I think he'd be much more charismatic and overall just better, don't you? After all I don't know what unholy things went in CG but Cake was definitely baked with that special ingredient, love.

tl;dr pls stat cake golem

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Making an RPG system. Got some questions.

Class list:
>Fighter, Wizard, Rogue, Paladin, Bard, Ranger, Cleric, Barbarian, Battlemage (that last one's ye olde arcane swordsman).
My fighters and paladins turned out quite capable of being built extremely brutish and smashy. I'm considering cutting barbarians and replacing them with something else. Is there another common character class/concept you think is unrepresented?

Race list:
>Human, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Golem, Goblin, Orc
And I'm considering adding up to three more races. Anything missing?

And I'd like to keep this firmly in the realm of generic heroic fantasy, with some fairy tale influences.

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This is one of the single most excellent motivators for any adventuring alchemist. Unless one is fabulously wealthy, the ingredients necessary to create truly astounding concoctions will forever be out of reach unless one procures them with one's own hands. Indeed, a world-wandering alchemist may find great pleasure in fighting for his reagents rather than purchasing them out of pocket.

It may very well be that he has a very particular potion in mind, one with extraordinarily rare requirements that only dungeon delving will be able to fulfill.

And of course, one shouldn't forget >>14581810 's implication, that a player character need not be defined by their class. Perhaps the individual owned an apothecary before deciding to set out into the larger world for reasons entirely unrelated to their profession.

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This is you construct.

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finally i can post this.

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cake golem

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I... this is... You are definitely my new favorite drawfag.

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Yeah, there were indeed too much at times, but since I didn't lurk that often back then, I barely had time to get familiar with them. Next thing I knew Ribbon was nowhere to be found.

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I can see what your saying there. All you'd need to do if pick a school of magic or a style of magic in your game world. Since hes the player, not the GM, I'd go for the former.
You can use an idea of mine if you want OP. One of my favorite heroes was a guy who could bring objects to life. An evil scientist has you strapped to a table bond style? I bet you'd wipe the smirk off his face when the table got up, lets you go, and starts chasing him.

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Hey /tg/, need a little help. I want to run a little one-off for my family on Christmas Eve, but none of them are at all familiar with tabletop games. They've asked me to make characters for them, which is fine by me, but there's only three of them. My question is, what would be a good party make-up (D&D 4E)/adventure for three level one characters played by people a little skeptical with the whole thing?

In return, a Cake Golem.

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... Someone actually used my Bolt Pistol in their game?

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It's like all of a sudden /b/ isn't shit anymore. But whatever, /tg/ will always be on top.

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I had almost completely forgotten my olden group's campaign that revolved around our lobster barrel.

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A good teacher is someone who borders on obsessive in some manner. Be it collecting odd things, doings things a certain way, believing certain things (Mr. Brown, American Government, Junior year. Four months of "Was Oswald really the lone gunman?") or just having a genuine obsession about what you do and what you teach.

I myself am a history/literature nerd, but sciences pay WAY better. To the tune of 5k more a year, with my bachelors. And a tenure track if I finish my Masters within 3 years. Tenure at 26 would be delicious.

Birthday Cake Elemental not related, but awesome.

I'm going to tender my apologies to the OP for hijacking his thread. I need to prep for class anyways.

Good day to you, you scum sucking bottom dwelling fuckwits of the internet. I am you and you are me. We are one.

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