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four players looking for a GM
>Times Available (Timezone)
>Systems Preferred
Our prefered systems are stuff like pathfinder, dungeon world, warhammer fantasy, shadowrun, not all of us know them though
>Contact Info
girwasx on skype and email in field
we all have mics and normally have a skype call going during the game but for in character stuff if you want to type thats cool

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>"Oh bob died? Whatever who gives a fuck we'll just rez him later lol what's next DM?"

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Well you see, it's like this:
I am a Chaos Space Marines player. I started playing just as 6th edition came out. I had gotten into 40k through playing Dawn of War, and really liked playing Chaos in that, so I choose CSM to play on the tabletop. As icing on the cake they were getting a new codex, first for 6th edition! I got the codex and swooned over the troops, loved the gear, thought everything was great. I dreamed of being able to crush my enemy with bolter fire from Thousand Sons while my helbrute that I picked up in the Dark Vengeance set crushed vehicles and infantry alike.
Then I look at other codexes (provided through mediafire and other sites for free, thank you /tg/). I see the Space Marine codex. "Why not?" I think, "It would be interesting to see what they get!". In short, a lot of toys. Many toys. More toys in fact, than me. 3 different types of dedicated transport, 12 special characters, 3 different types of Land Raider (all of which are better than mine despite being only slightly more expensive), attack bikes, scout bikes, command squads, honor guards, 3 types of dreadnaught, and (this is the one that gets me the most) a predator that is exactly the same points cost as ours yet has a Heavy 4 auto-cannon. Then I thought "well, we do get the Forge/Maulerfiend and the Warp Talons and the Defiler, so I guess its allright!" Then I realized that all of those suck, and the only good "Chaos only" units (units that do not have commonality ex. Devastators/Havocs) were Obliterators, Plague Marines and the Heldrake.
I'll admit it, I got a little mad.
"Ah whatever," I again thought, "at least my Marines are cheaper!"
And now we get to the present. 14pt Marines who have pseudo-Fearless plus combat squads PLUS these new chapter tactics.
What do we get? A rule that says the Sargent has to kill someone and then he might explode/something nice happens. I feel like I've been bamboozled, bait-and-switched, hoodwinked, duped, and betrayed.
It ain't fun.

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>it'll be the same with or without a shield in your offhand

If by "same" you mean "completely and totally game changing," then sure.

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>this thread makes me take up the game again
>get passed the point I was stuck on
>having fun for 5 hours
>suddenly, Hollywood graveyard
>spend an hour trying to beat it, failing every time at the 1.5-2 minutes left mark

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Leave. Now.

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why do you niggers always have to make these things so fucking tl;dr

i like them, but not if i have to read a fucking novel 5 times in one thread

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>boob belt

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I liked it for not being Star Wars Space Opera that is the cancer that has been killing sci-fi since it showed up.

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Stupid stupid dumb, stupid.
Fucking Elesh.

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That evidence was bullshit, as was pointed out. You fucking mouth breather. That's not evidence for shit. I should get a medal for trying to communicate with you for this long, this is exhausting. You are so fucking dense.

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It irks me. Because of the art

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My hopes is that /tg/ wont cover the frontpage with Dildoes and Dragons rage-fest.

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Damn this universe.

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>enter thread hoping for horror stories about awful nerds than I can cringe and laugh at
>fucking hats
God damn it you guys, I mean...c'mon guys. Guys c'mon. God damn it you guys.

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>go to FNM
>EVERYONE runs White/Green
>8 fucking Heroes of Blade holds in each deck
>23 Mirrodin Crusaders
>lose every time
>to the same fucking deck every time
The moment I see someone play Champion of the Parish, I think "WELP. HERE WE GO AGAIN" and every fucking time, I'm right. Grand Abolisher next, I start packing up my cards. Then comes Hero of Bladehold and I'm out of life points before I can say "Fuck this"

Every. Fucking. Deck. Fucking LAME.

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Just yesterday we had a thunderstorm! A THUNDERSTORM IN DECEMBER! YOU SHOULD BE A BLIZZARD YOU COCK-FUCK RAIN, JESUS CHRIST. I feel like I'm the only person who wants snow. Everyone's saying "Wow what a nice warm Christmas" and my friends groan at the mention of snow.

I'm so bitter.

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>win tournaments
Yeah see that's the trick, bro. I can't. I've used all sorts of different decks, some built by me, some built by my friends, we just get cock-stomped. EVERY FUCKING PERSON uses Mirran Crusaders and Grand Abolishers and Heroes of Bladehold and nothing else. It's fucking boring, AND I can't get past that shit. And then I go 0-4 every time and feel like a faggot cause I can't win a single round no matter what deck I use.

Though one guy did have a pretty interesting deck, all about killing his own shit. He built up a fucking 18/18 in, like, 4 turns just by getting +1/+1's for every creature in all graveyards. I got fucked to death, but I appreciated that he had some fucking originality.

Man my DCI score must be fucking abysmal. Good thing I don't know where to check it.

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Hexproof. I fucking hate hexproof.

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It's not /tg/. At all.

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