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Hey, I'll get them to you in whatever slipshod order that I find 'em.

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It's late, anon...

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What's going on in this thread? DON'T FUCKING CARE

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> This is the form you chose. ( We had to slip the DM notes on what we had been thinking about.)
> Told she is incapable of using magic, incapable of comprehending anything other than it exists.
> Told her power is stored in the jewel around her neck.
> If she is put in mortal danger, about to die or such, her power will manifest itself, turning her into an undead knight of immense power and rage, for an hour.
> Inside the jewel is all of her pain, anger, power, and wrath.
> Transformation has a one week cooldown, if she is killed during this time the gem will explode and "cleanse everything around it" .
> We put her unconscious body over a horse, thank the deity, and move on our way to the nearest city.
> When the girl wakes up she's initially confused, but we make up a basic story about us saving her and whatnot.
> Otherwise very pleasant.
> We'd all been thinking about the little girl we knew in the village. This is what the God took from that.
> When we get to the city, we are able to get onto one of the more major arcs.
> Turns out a necromancer in the north is raising an army of undead.
> And we just traded our own necromancer for a mundane character several levels lower than us. ( Sahanine stripped several levels from him. He rolled the new character as a rogue.)
> We all collectively facepalm.

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There is that story about the chalices Slaanesh gave out to the other three gods and Khorne can't stop breaking and then reforging his due to his mixture of hatred for Slaanesh and his liking of the chalice (and perhaps its creator).

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And the only good thing I can say about Lucius is that he has a Doom Siren, either way, Kharn is a superior in close combat. Typhus is decent, the only thing I don't like about him that he's T 4 (5), so basically a power fist bait, for a 225 pts character that blows.

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Do I have to teach you everything?

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>This thread

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