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“Can you maybe not grab my tits when I’m concentrating on something? And you know I’m a human. You can’t just grab people’s breasts.” you ask as she continues to dig her fingers around your top to squeeze every part of your breasts.

“You say that like I can grab them when you’re not concentrating,” she responds, not bothering to look up into your eyes.

“That would still depend on the circumstances.”

“Does it feel good?”

You ponder the question for a moment as she starts rubbing your nipples. “Eh. Like a lot of things in foreplay, really underwhelming without the rest.” She shrugs and lets go. “So do you have any ideas on how to get me back?” you ask as you fix your top.

“Oh, I have no idea at all,” she says, sitting back down on the bench. “I don’t really have the time to look into it either if I have to track down another succubus. This is a pain in my ass, you know? Jess was supposed to refuse any kind of summoning while working for me, and she goes and loses herself in a different plane?”

“Well, what do you want me to do about it? This was just an accident!”

“I want you to go suck off the mage, but the way it is now it’d be more subterfuge than succubus dicking, so I’m in a tight spot. And I don’t imagine that you’d want to take an old man’s cock if you’re actually a man, so I don’t know what to tell you,” the elf says as she rests her head on her hand.

>[1] Could I help you find another succubus then?
>[2] Maybe we could just work something out with the Magus?
>[3] If you get me back in my body, Jess’ll be able to finish her job with you.
>[4] Write In

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I would just like to say, I'm really proud I had exactly >>31768265

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Full wolf lycans are usually depicted as the weakest. The lycanthrope wasn't meant to be a massive dire wolf able to take on an anthro-Werewolf.

Why? Aliens don't really fit with modern fantasy. Although I could add a; "You made a pact with a demon" orign.

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Anyone got any succubi?

mfw I ask this question in a lot of character art dump threads that I see

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Anyone got any non-lewd succubi like pic related?

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Summoning and divination, mang. He can practically pick the perfect waifu. Hell, if he wants to, he can decide on the set of characteristics he wants, then scry until he finds someone with those in a situation where they would want him to come along and rescue them.

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This reminds me. Anyone got any succubi that aren't stripperific or slutty? Something like this, or pic related?

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...I want all of these.
Would it be feasible to upload them somewhere?
Also contributing a single pic

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Best I got at the moment.

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Not THATS a succubutt. Cestree could take some lessons from this one.

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So I am playing in a new game where I asked the GM if I could play as a female character. I never have and thought it would be fun. I told the other 3 players my concept and then one by one they decided they too wanted to cross-gender play.
The GM denied all of them saying "I already let (Me) cross-play I don't want this to be the gender bender game.
I said no it's cool I will just play a guy it's not a big deal, but the GM insisted now at this point I play a female character just so the three of them didn't want to take up my spot.

Now in the game one of the players is playing a really racist stereotype to stick it to the GM for not letting him do what he wants.
Our gm is not going to say anything to this player but I am really uncomfortable with the racism at the table. What should I do?

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Women from an abusive male society flee to live outside on the fringe of society free from their cruel masters.

Protecting themselves, training to fight, hunting and hating men would be their basic everyday lives.

(This is the basic idea for the tribe of women in my current game)

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No no no no no.

Succubi are horrible, horrible creatures dead set on sucking out your soul and grinding your cartilage between their teeth. They are a pretty face hiding a mind full of hate and knives whose one purpose in life is making you suffer. Nothing about them is endearing.

So fuck your waifu, Cestree a shit.

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I NEED visible lips in my anime art. Otherwise I can't enjoy it. I need them to look like women. Not pre-pubescent line-lipped children.

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>Ashamed of her looks
Lets try to be reasonable here. Go with some other demon/race if you want to give them image issues, but succubi are literally walking sex appeal

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