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There is almost no competition in the d20 system, even for games only loosely based around it.

That sets the bar VERY low.

It's far, far, far from the best RPG that uses a d20 though.

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>Shoukaku cocks her head almost exactly like the Corgi did. “Hate, Marines are naval landing forces, right?”


>“If ships are penises, would that make you the ejaculate?”

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By understanding that there's a difference between manipulation and rape.

Drow society is a culture steeped in the magnetism of strong men and stronger women. While the more aggressive of them definitely cross lines, it isn't a necessary part of the control they exhert over their cohorts.

It's not like Drow matriarchs are lining up their troops to give them handies. It's far more accurate to understand the hierarchy of the drow appends "With Benefits" on any significant social obligation and they use this expectation and behavior for their advantage.

TL:DR Drow NPCs with 5 ranks in "Perform(Pillow Arts)" get a +2 synergy to Diplomacy, Sense Motive and Intimidate.


There's no deception in Drow interactions... Any drow that's "Playing the Game" knows that their counterpart is holding out on them. They hold their judgement accordingly. Since both parties act congruently, there is simply a tacit understanding of subterfuge between both parties.

Judge the Drow if you wish, they do not care for the opinions of cattle.

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All I'm seeing here is that 5e is still trash.

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Command should really give a shit about OUR SIDE TAKING OUR PEOPLE HOSTAGE.

If it was TA, We'd be on this mission in a heartbeat, just so we could bloody their noses.

But because it's human, we're suddenly stuck to our own petty allegiances?

Fuck that, and fuck you. They're not a threat, and that's exactly what we need to show them.

If I could get twenty suits on this mission, I would, This cannot stand: Only those with the power to back up this grade A bullshit should have the right to try this stuff.

We can't make it OTB. If it's off the books, we're playing their game: We're at their level. We need this to be legit, approved and grimly appreciated.

Going OTB means doing this shit again, when some other fuckers think that the AC need to break the rules to keep their people safe.

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Reminder guys:
>"Oh, I'm horrible," she says in between blasting away. "Very small palate. Fast food, pizza, peanut butter sandwiches... college life screwed up my taste even further, and I was already annoying to my parents as a teen. I don't even like chocolate."

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i know not this franky
i just hate it when a quest is all "well you guys didn't roll great but we can work something out- OH look a crit fail. Guess you guys fell off a cliff now""

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Hold them out teeth-first. Or snap a few bones so they stick out.

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>Critical Fumbles table

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>Delta Green deals with Innsmouth

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Yeah, most allowing saves or some other trick, which most monsters can make most of the time, not to mention AoO, not to mention monsters with defenses against magic, not to mention the fact that your wizard should have to fight at least four other encounters before refreshing their spells, leaving your wizard limp-dicked, having exhausted all of their spells, while the fighter's still just sitting there, dealing a bunch of damage here and a bunch there.

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Nat 1 ranged attack.

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Apathy. Treating campaigns that GMs half-ass and ones that have had fuckloads of passion poured into them with equal measures of interest.

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The only way to fit more marines in would be to drop some of the upgrades or either the forgefiend or the predator since they kind of do the same job and/or get a less expensive Greater Daemon as a HQ.

You could drop either the cultists or the plague bearers too since they both do the same job.

A blob of cheap marines with plasma (if you swap them from the rhino squad and give the rhino squad meltaguns or flamers) will total:

300pts if you take 20 of them. going 15 or below with a foot slogging chaos marine unit is just asking to get wiped sooner rather than later.

or take a specialist chaos marine unit like plague marines or noise marines since they'll be cheaper and a smaller unit. also more firepower/tougher depending on who you ask.

hope this helps

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Our GM wanted a 'return to the old, classic fantasy style' after a bunch of high-octane drill-busting-through-the-heavens campaigns.

So the group (I sat out) is;
>Hyper-optimized necromancer with no personality
>Batman wizard with no personality, but he has a SISTER.
>Half-orc monk with vow of poverty and a negative strength score. Great backstory, cool character, but will be literal dead weight the entire campaign because the GM doesn't care.
>Generic ranger whose backstory was summarily ignored. Prefers to go off and do things alone.

The first game was 'What if bandits attacked this town? You must Home Alone booby-trap it or something. Also, roleplay, bitches.'

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>ITT: We share our campaign notes.

We have this thread every few weeks and it's always chock-full of interesting shit. Your notes don't have to be coherent or even finished. We don't care if it's an entire 200 page campaign setting pdf or a transcript of some last-minute reminders you threw on your phone. It can be a handout or just a bunch of ideas you've saved for random treasure, or anything in-between.

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Aun'shi (Use as master shaper) 110pts

11 Kroot - 1 hound, 2 Krootox 121pts

11 Kroot 1 hound, 2 Krootox 121pts

11 Kroot - sniper rounds 77pts

10 Kroot - sniper rounds 70pts

so the idea is that aun'shi either plays defensively and beefs up the gun line and stops them from running away or goes on the attack with one of the outflanking krootox squads. ALL of his abilities if used at the right time can quite easily tip the balance of the fight in favour of the kroot. keep in mind though if he dies without giving much then you've pretty much lost the game at that point unless you turtle like crazy.

The krootox squads are reliable flankers thanks to the hound with acute senses (for the re-roll) and the rapid fire auto cannons make a mess of any side armour they are likely to come across in 500pts.

Obviously the sniper kroot take up good positions in cover (hopefully forests) and start plinking away at the enemy whilst the rest of your army moves in for the kill. Another plus is that the majority of your army are troops so you dont have much worry contesting objectives other than you're using light infantry to do so. Remember that using the sniper rounds is optional so they can always move and shoot their normal guns if you want to.

The main problem though is your playing a glass cannon army without the cannon (excluding krootox). So you have to use overwhelming force if you want a chance to win. not just applying force to the right place, but having to send twice as many kroot to do a job that a specialist 'glass cannon' unit could do on their own.

But saying that, this army is quite the challenge and I think I would enjoying using an army like this just for the hell of it. Its really fluffy too, as long as you dont play against Grey Knight assholes then you'll be fine once you work out how the army plays.

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I play Pathfinder, so mostly like this.

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"NOBODY EXPECTS THE- Wait, where is he?"
"I don't know, sir"

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>Nat 1 Ranged Attack

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this is how I trap

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high con

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this is how I trap

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