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Remember guys, don't reply, just hide and move on.

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yeah me too, guess there isn't much cheescake after all

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There is no more hiding anon, lets end your suffering

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The first aspect of a character's design - and I say "first" because the other bits can be sort of layered over it - is utility, which refers to the aspects of a character's design that are based on cause-and-effect relationships. The purpose of utility in character design is to illustrate how the character is affected by the world and how the character intends to affect the world. Of course, people don't only choose to wear what makes sense in a utilitarian sense. People have their own sense of aesthetics and fashion that affects what they choose to wear and in which situations they choose to wear it. The problem with this in a lot of character design is that 1) "style" is treated as being totally the opposite of "utility", as opposed to something that can be blended with it, and/or 2) the "style" in question is usually the artist's, not something justified as being related to the character's mindset. A character's sense of style can say as much about that character as their choices with regard to utility, so conveying that aspect of a character is just as important in terms of character design as an aggregate of a character's choices.

>tl;dr: Unless cheesecakey design (pic related) make sense inside your world, or if you're just vying for cheesecake at the cost of internal consistency/believability, don't use it.

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>skanky drow plate out of nowhere!

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