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Our Martyred Lady is the postergirl Order and they all have white hair

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To a pleasure world called Muh Dick.

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I assumed it was a standard-issue cut, harking back to the original Joan of Arc inspiration.

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Preparations will include strapping us down with metal bars around the body, the hand will be bathed in Acid throughout the experiment.

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I-I like them

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>yfw xeno is futanari too

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>Fleur de Lesbians
Well played...

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I want to run Dark Heresy but with a slight twist.

All the players are going to be non-combat sororitas to start with. Dialogus, hospitaller, famoulus and perhaps a non-combat Sister of silence.
My plan is that they start off as a group of odds and ends on their way to a staging area where they will get assigned their duties, but when they arrive the stage-up point is overrun with Imperial guard and Militant SoB personel. As they search for their contact person they bump into a inquisitor (they can tell by the gold stitched "INQUISSSSITOR" on his very large hat) and get conscripted on the spot to do a recon mission. No amount of pleading or talking will make him change his mind (he "feels" that they are the right folks for the job).

Que shenanigans, trial-by-fire bonding and on-the-job-training in firearms.

Anyone tried something like this? Did it work out? Why didn''t it?

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Before I go. My ex and many girls I have talked to taught me something very important.

Girls do think that deeply, and they are vindictive.

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In my Rogue Trader game they have an endevor to escort a Sister of Battle ship to a planetary invasion. The issue is that I have no clue what there is to the Sister of Battle ships beyond 'No Weapons, Fast as Hell'

I'm currently statting the Orders ship as a Lunar Cruiser sans weapons, could some experianced Rogue Trader GMs give me a hand with this?


Speed: 6 Manoeuvrability: +18
Detection: +20 Hull Integrity: 70
Armour: 21(25 on front) Turret Rating: 2
Space: 75 SP: 60
Weapon Capacity: Prow 1, Port 2, Starboard 2

Vessel of the Fleet
-Steadfast Ally
-His Word Obeyed
-Duty Unto Death

Modified Jovian Pattern Class 4 Drive
Miloslav Warp Engine
Warpsbane Hull
Multiple Void Shield Array
Deep Void Auger Array
Clemency-Pattern Life Sustainer
Clan-Kin Quarters
Command Bridge
2 Barracks
Flak Turrets
Extended Supply Vaults
Armour Plating
Medicae Deck
Broadband Hymn casters
Murder-Servitors (Penitent Engines)
Armoured Prow
Power Ram
2 Augmented Retrothrusters

Vaulted Ceilings
Best Stormrooper Detachment

Command +15
+10 to social tests
1/2 Warp Travel Time
Morale 111
Crew 102
4x time without resupply
-1 Morale Loss
+15 to defend vs Hit and Run and Boarding, +1d5 crew damage
+5 BS
+50 to Boarding and Hit and Run
+20 to hit and Run, pick between 1 and 6 for damage, double hull integrity damage.
+1 Turret -10 Detection when using flak
+20 to Medicae
+2d10 damage ramming

Remaining: 7 Space, 1 power.

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And you think you will survive Exorcist fire?

We stand together, fighting for the Imperium, not glory like the marines.

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Problem Xenos?

Yeah, it seems to be a golden rule with tau 'No BS4 for you'

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I'm running Deathwatch and have run into a minor problem.

The current mission had they basicly dealing with some chaos forces and such. The second part of it was to retrieve a relic from a SOB Convent that the Chaos forces were seeking for safety. They are planning to do it...very differently...to how I planned.

I had originally planned for them to do it the smart way and talk to the Sisters, giving them a mission objective that wasn't 'Shoot shit' to some extent. Instead they are all planning to assault the SOB convent and slaughter thier way to the relic. Well, all except the Lamentors (Blood angels) Apothicary who has decleared taht if they attack the Sisters he will not stand on their side of the fight.

Basicly I'm asking what I should actually hurl at them. I'm perfectly fine with getting at least one of them killed, they are assaulting a Convent I already told them had over 200 Sisters including armoured elements as it was the main force on the planet.

I'm thinking at the moment that I'll hurl at Exorcist at them, simply to make the Devastator shit himself when the thing fires a lot more Super-Krak missiles than he does.

Not sure what else I should use though.

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To the town of Agua Fria rode a Sister one fine day
Hardly spoke to folks around her didn't have too much to say
No one dared to ask her business no one dared to make a slip
for the Sister there among them had a bolter on her hip
Bolter on her hip

It was early in the morning when she rode into the town
She came riding from the south side slowly lookin' all around
She's a hunter loose and running came the whisper from each lip
And she's here to do some business with the Bolter on her hip
Bolter on her hip

In this town there lived a traitor by the name of Texas Red
Many men had tried to take him and that many men were dead
He was vicious and a killer though a youth of twenty four
And the notches on his pistol numbered one an nineteen more
One and nineteen more

Now the stranger started talking made it plain to folks around
Was an Sister Militant wouldn't be too long in town
She came here to take a traitor back alive or maybe dead
And she said it didn't matter she was after Texas Red
After Texas Red

Wasn't long before the story was relayed to Texas Red
But the traitor didn't worry men that tried before were dead
Twenty men had tried to take him twenty men had made a slip
Twenty one would be the Sister with the Bolter on her hip
Bolter on her hip

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Witches! Burn the...


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In brightest day, in blackest night,
No heretic shall escape my sight
Let those who worship unholy might,
Beware my power... The Emperor's light!

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Can you honestly not call your spaceship The Bang Bus?

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Hey /tg/

I'm running a game of Dark Heresy and I've come to a small problem.

The Sister Militant wants to pick up Tech Use. It's a reasonable enough request I think, she is the driver of the party and we don't have a tech priest.

What level do you think I should let her pick up tech use and it's improved versions? And how much should I charge her EXP wise?

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Never met any sister of battle named ted.

How do ya do?

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